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What is the eligibility criterion to enroll in our courses?

Our courses can be pursued by individuals from multiple educational & professional backgrounds can pursue the program. Analytics is a techno functional area wherein one needs to understand the business process and apply predictive modeling for better business understanding. Today, the kind of data we are generating is been used in every field. Professionals can also look at restarting their career in Analytics given the kind opportunities available.

Can you share more course details like duration of session and the class schedules? Could you also share details on the mode of instruction-is it virtual or classroom training?

Our program has been specifically designed for working professionals as well as fresher and is available over weekends in regular mode. The program is also available in Fast Track Mode over the weekdays (except Tuesdays). Each session is of 4 hours each. The module is available in classroom as well as online training. The training program is available worldwide.

In case of online training, is it pre recorded?

The training is live in nature and generally is a one on one session with our consultants. There are no pre- recorded sessions. It is extremely important for us that all the professionals receive real time training for better learning & development.

Is it certified? / Do you provide certifications?

Yes. There is an evaluation process one has to undergo become a DexLab Certified Analytics & Intelligence Professional. The certification is well recognized in the industry and accepted all over. The program is in fact a result of rigorous industry feedback.

Why DexLab? / Why should I enroll in your program?

It is industry oriented training. The program is a result of collaboration of subject matter experts & industry professionals. The program focuses on help you build your analytics & intelligence tools knowledge right from the basic conceptual parts to advanced application based hands on learning. The entire training is lab based and is delivered via projects & case studies. It is an end to end solution. We also provide additional facilities like resume building, mock interviews and offer placement assistance which helps you get a firm footing. We train you and prepare you for the industry.

What if I miss a session?

The makeup sessions are scheduled based on mutual availability and can be availed anytime during office hours. Students in order to avail these sessions need to inform about their unavailability of the particular regular session at least 24 hours in advance.

What if I have doubts post a particular session?

There are provisions for doubt clearing sessions. These sessions are generally one on one session for duration of one hour. We expect the students to write to us with the necessary doubts and schedule a session based on mutual availably. These sessions can be availed even after completion of the program.

What if I want to attend an entire session again?

You can. Revisiting a lecture is chargeable and depends up on the ongoing schedule and availability of our consultants.

What is the training methodology? Is it conceptual / hands on? Are there any projects / case studies?

The aim over here is to have industry ready professionals. The training program is a combination of conceptual understanding of the basics and hands on understanding of advanced concepts. The entire training is lab based and is delivered via projects & case studies from multiple business domains / verticals to give you an overall exposure in to the analytics industry.

What are the career and job prospects after completion of this certification ?

According to IDC1, “The big data and analytics market will reach $125 billion worldwide in 2015. Further on, IDC also predicts, “Clearly IoT (Internet of Things) analytics will be hot, with a five-year CAGR of 30%.The above statistics clearly highlight the vast potential this industry has and this directly means that industry ready data analytics professionals will be needed to take on this mandate. In terms of the availability of jobs, IDC sees a clear shortage of industry ready professionals in this high growth area. For e.g. IDC found that in the U.S. alone there will be 181,000 deep analytics roles in 2018 and 5x that many positions requiring related skills in data management and interpretation. This sheer demand will require skilled and well trained professionals who can make successful global careers.

All of the above indicators support the vast potential this industry has and our certified professionals are sure to get a head start in this high potential career track. One of the key highlights includes the opportunities available to people who are looking to switch their careers and wish to remain relevant in a fast paced industry. This career path has immense opportunities for newbie too.

What will be my role like post the program?

Big Data offer big opportunities. According to IBM Big Data, “We create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. So much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.This figure signifies the importance of analyzing all this data being created at such a dynamic pace in real-time. The role of big data analysts is very critical as organizations are struggling to make sense of all this raw data as they are aware that business critical intelligence exists in this huge data pool. A big data analyst holds the important responsibility of reading and surfing through all this data, reading the patterns, making forecasts based on this intelligence and arriving at predictive models that can help companies make informed business decisions. The analysis can predict market trends, customer behavior, pinpoint emerging market opportunities and so much more. A big data analyst is someone also can work across all industries as everywhere data contains critical business insights. This is the need of the hour and it this one professional who helps bridge the gap with knowing too much and acting on the same information. He is one individual who provides actionable insights that help businesses add to their
profitability and bottom lines and hence remain competitive and relevant.

Will my previous experience be accounted?

Yes, the industry is hiring professionals with relevant experience in a particular domain / field with expertise in to Predictive Modeling / Analytics techniques and concepts and knowledge of BI tools such as SAS / R. The industry expects these professionals to be able to run these concepts over these tools while leveraging on their experience & expertise. You do not start as a fresher and get a role according to your experience level.

Which are the companies recruiting in to Analytics?

There are almost 700 plus companies recruiting in to Analytics in India. Organizations such as Accenture, IBM, Infosys, Genpact, MuSigna, WNS, SAS, Fractal Analytics, ZS Associates, Inductis, KIE Square, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, HSBC Analytics, Axis Bank, Shoppers Stop, Snap Deal, Flipkart, Myntra, Cipla, GSK, Ranbaxy, Vodafone, Airtel etc.

Do I need to have an IT / Computer Science / Engineering background to do the program?

No. The training module is developed to help you learn right from the basics to advanced knowledge. Having an IT / Computer Science / Engineering background can be an added advantage to help your grasp faster. However the program doesn’t require you to have such knowledge.

Do I need to have an Economics / Mathematics / Statistics background to do the program?

No. The training module is developed to help you learn right from the basics to advanced knowledge. We start right from mean, media, mode etc. Having an Economics / Mathematics / Statistics background can be an added advantage to help your grasp faster. However the program doesn’t require you to have such knowledge.

Do I need to do all the modules? Is the program sufficient for me to pursue a career in to Analytics?

Yes. The program is a result of collaboration of subject matter experts & industry professionals based on industry feedback and research. A combination of all these modules is suggested for you to make a successful & highly rewarding career in this highly growth oriented sector. The program is more than sufficient to help you get that break and pursue your dream career.

Do you provide with the software?

No, this cannot be provided as we need to comply with the various corporate policies governing restricted use of all software. We are not authorized to distribute the same.There is provision for students to practice at our labs should they need to. They need to pre-schedule the same.

Is flexi payment option available?

Yes, there is provision to pay in installments.

Are there any discounts?

Yes, there is provision for discounts if you choose to pay the fees in lump sum / One Time Payment. There are no other discounts.

Demo sessions?

Yes. You can register / schedule for a demo sessions. There are provisions for you to visit an ongoing sessions as well as to speak to our trainers.

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