6th December 2019: Friday Quick Recap

6th December 2019: Friday Quick Recap

6th December 2019: Friday Quick Recap

Did this week come to an end in a flicker for you, so much so that you lost track of the events from Dexlab Analytics? But don’t worry, because you won’t be missing out on a single thing with the Friday Quick Recap, bringing you the week’s events at a glance!

We started with announcing India’s biggest Machine Learning Boot Camp for you. Here, we have revised our Data Science and Machine Learning course and made it bigger and better!

Next, we have discussed Python, as one of the most effective programming languages and how you can structure Python programs.

We also released an interactive video illustrating the new update of the Machine Learning course to get you acquainted with our new course as it stands. After that, we listed the programming skills required for the budding Data Scientists. Lastly, we researched and mentioned the best tool you can use for regression analysis.

India’s Biggest Machine Learning Immersive Boot Camp

2020 will be a promising year for Natural Language Processing and Automated Chatbots. Thus, there ought to be exciting changes in favour of the new year. So, we have got a fresh course titled Data Science and Machine Learning with NLP Certification designed to give you a detailed insight into data science, NLP and chatbots.

How to Structure Python Programs? An Extensive Guide

Python is one of the most progressive languages believed to craft the future of computer science. It will certainly give make our journey easier going forward. Therefore, it is important to know the structure of Python in details, which is the only reason you might read through our latest blog.

Dexlab Analytics Machine Learning Certification Got an Industrial Upgrade

Our Machine Learning Certification and Data Science courses have got bigger and better ushering the new year of Natural language Processing and Automated Chatbots. Here’s a visual representation of the course at a glance.

What Level Of Programming Skills Are Required To Become A Data Scientist?

Read Eshika Roy's answer to What level of programming skills are required to become a data scientist? on Quora

Programming and Data are interlinked. So, if you are planning to make a career out of Data Science, then embrace programming in the very beginning!

Which Tool Is Best For Regression Analysis?

Read Eshika Roy's answer to Which tool is best for regression analysis? on Quora

Regression analysis is surely a powerful method of calculating the relationship between a fixed variable and one or more changing variables but you must be confused regarding which tool will best suit the purpose. Don’t fret because our technical team has the answer you want! 


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