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Data Science and Machine Learning with AI Certification

Python, Machine Learning, Forecasting, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning

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Data Science and Machine Learning with AI Certification

  • Hands-on, Instructor-led, Use-Case Project-based, Live online/self-paced
  • Live Projects; 10+ Business Use Case Studies

Things to Learn:

  • Python Introduction: Data Structures, Python Pre-defined Functions, Automation Functions, Numpy Arrays and Conditions
  • Library Panda (Data Frame) – how a Python library offers powerful yet easy-to-use data drivers and data analytics tool such as pivot tables.
  • Data Visualization using Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly and Pandas Bokeh: charting difference types of plots using single or multiple lines, object-oriented plots using figures and axes, method based plots and interactive plots
  • Basic process of Data Extraction, Data Wrangling, Data Manipulation, Data Import-Export, Text Mining and Time Series Analysis using Pandas and SciPy for advanced Data Analysis.
  • How to extract, manipulate, analyze and predict uncurated datasets through Applied Statistics and robust Machine Learning Tools.
  • Machine Learning ─ Predictive Data Analysis using Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithm such as Gradient Descent, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, KNN etc.
  • Natural Language Processing, Artificial Neural Network and Forecasting using Time Series.
  • Deep Learning ─ Computer Vision and how to built artificial neural networks using TensorFlow and Keras library (only video recording).
  • Several deep learning methodologies to process image-based, raw text and numbers-related datasets
  • How to optimize Basic Neural Networks, Long Short-Term Memory Networks and Convolutional Neural NetworksHow to optimize Basic Neural Networks, Long Short-Term Memory Networks and Convolutional Neural Networks

76% of data scientists use Python and it’s touted as the #2 in-demand skill sought by Indian recruiters.

In this age of digitization, Python has emerged out to be the golden star of data science realm. It’s an open source programming language, easy to install and extremely beneficial for creating stunning data visualizations.

Our Data Science with Python, Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning Certification will feed you in-depth knowledge and expertise about various libraries and packages required to do data analysis, web scraping, data visualization, NLP, machine learning and deep learning using Python. Packed with real-life projects and business case studies, this course itinerary is crafted to furnish you practical experience in fixing and working amidst the Python domain. Deep Learning is driving the AI landscape; our comprehensive course will guide you through veins of deep learning and data science, and help you design intelligent systems from complex, expansive datasets.

Program Highlights:

  • Seasoned Industry Experts Faculty with Real-time Experience
  • Hands-on Practical Implementation-based Training Using Real Business Examples
  • Instructor-led Approach
  • Industry-relevant Course Curriculum (study materials +live session recordings + references + course sheets + practice sets + data sets & assignments + life time access of the overall course content)
  • Post Training Assessment-based Certification
  • Placement Support
  • Capstone Project (mandatory post completion of the training)
  • Batch Strength Restricted to 10-12 Students (so that they get individual attention and development)

NOTE: Students are requested to carry their own laptops for training. The use of own laptops in classroom training not only makes students more efficient learners but also turns teachers into much better instructors. With powerful installations and cutting edge study tools loaded in the laptops, our students can easily learn and develop acumen from home, making the entire process of education more productive, seamless and hassle-free.

Data Science and Machine Learning with AI Certification

Data Science and Machine Learning with AI Certification

ClassRoom Training

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