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Alteryx Certification

Alteryx is a leader in self service analytics.

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Alteryx Certification

  • Hands-on, Instructor-led, Use-Case Project-based, Classroom Training
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Predictive Analytics

  • Up until recently, predictive analytics was a highly technical and complex endeavour. Companies that performed this kind of analysis spent a lot of money on predictive BI tools, and the statisticians needed to build these models.
  • The predictive world is slow moving and expensive. But the payoff has always been the future insight that a well-built model provides.
  • The downside is, not every company can afford the staff and software that legacy predictive modelling requires.
  • Alteryx brings predictive analytical capabilities to the masses with their suite of PA tools.And because these tools are doing the heavy lifting working with underlying statistical techniques, the user doesn’t need to be a statistician.
  • A new open source analytical language called “R” has gained popularity (so much so, it is ‘predicted’ to push the elder tribe of statistical tools, SAS and SPSS into extinction). It’s reshaping predictive modelling. Alteryx uses the R language as the core of its predictive engine. The result is an approachable introduction to predictive analytics.
  • Analysts don’t need to write code and understand each statistical technique because Alteryx provides tools (with the drag and drop interface) where users simply and easily integrate well known statistical techniques with a few mouse clicks.
  • The choice: expensive legacy predictive tools or accessible, affordable, modern, self-service predictive analytics  via Alteryx.
Alteryx Certification

Alteryx Certification

ClassRoom Training

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