Why Prefer R Programming

Why Prefer R Programming

R Programming comes in pretty handy in case of machine learning as well as numeric analysis. With emergence of machines as generators of data, the language is only set to grow. R has some intrinsic advantages that developers should be aware of.

Advantages of R Programming

The interest in this particular language only growing as gauged on the basis of indexes of popularity like PyPL, TIobe and Redmonk. R first made its appearance way back in the 1990s and was in the days of its inception an implementation as well as the adoption of the programming language for statistics, S. According to industry veterans R tops the list of programming languages in terms of popularity.

Why Prefer R Programming

Experts like it due to the easy nature of its programming when viewed from level of computer science. With the passage of time R has gained much ground in terms of speed and serves as a programming language which binds together different sets of data, packages of software or other tools. It is considered to be the best way there is to create high quality of analysis of data that is reproducible. Experts like it for its power and flexibility that they need while dealing with Big Data. Some programmers even admit that most R programs run by them are no more than a collection of programming scripts that are separately organized as projects.

R also boasts of highly strong ecosystem package along with its inherent charting benefits. That is indeed one of its strong points. Programmers mince no words when it comes to lauding the vast ecosystem package that comes with it. If there is an existence of a statistical technique chances are that there is already an R package available for it.

Statisticians too Love R

Statisticians get a lot in terms of built in functionality when dealing with R. It is extensible and offers a rich set of functions that allows developers to build their own set of tools as well as methods for analysis of data. With its evolution R has even managed to attract the attention of those with a background in even humanities and biosciences.

Graphical Abilities

R veterans consider the power of its ability to churn out graphics to be simply unmatched. The ggplot2 and the dplyr packages deserve special mention for plotting and manipulation of data easier, respective.

To Sum Up

As a conclusion we may simply recall the statement by an R programmer stating that R had simple improved the quality of his life.

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R Programming

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