Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2018

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2018

Who doesn’t want to ace the rat race!! Owing to robust technological innovations and globalization, staying on top has become an essential factor for professional success.

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2018

Amidst this, technology plays a key role. The job profiles of data scientists are fetching maximum attention. At present, they are among the most in-demand professionals around the globe bagging in handsome paychecks. Nevertheless, it’s no mean feat to become one, the process of education and training is highly intricate and demands unparalleled acumen, expertise and skill.


And with more than 600 incredible programming languages to learn, data scientists go haywire when it comes to the choosing part. While Java, Python, JavaScript, R remains the top-priority languages to impress the employers, newer, more innovative languages are also blocking the space, time and again.

Here’s a comprehensive list of top 5 coding languages to learn in 2018 to move your career to greater heights:


Let’s Take Your Data Dreams to the Next Level


Intensely popular and effective than Objective-C, Swift is the go-to coding language for building native Mac OS apps and iOS. Being largely inspired by Python and Ruby, it’s considered to be simple, fun to use and of course user friendly. Recently, Apple made a move from Objective-C to Swift, and so are the developers. As iOS development is becoming more streamlined and impressively accessible, more and more data scientists are willing to take the plunge.


Ever so-famous Google’s programming language Go is an epitome of swift programming language available in the world. The developers using this will experience absolute high concurrency, widespread support from the parent company and super fast compilation rates.




A novice in software development? Fret not, Python is here to save your day! Downright straightforward in approach, it’s super easy to write applications. To run an application, it requires minimum coding, which is again bliss for newcomers. Some other perks – its open source, widely popular and effortlessly consistent. It is used by NASA, Reddit and several other corporate giants, and its web framework powers Django, Instagram and Pinterest.


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Seen as one of the fastest growing programming languages, Ruby is a standard, object-oriented programming language developed for data-hungry individuals. It’s so simple and easy to run that you can create an app in just 10 minutes. Yes! And for that, Groupon, Pxlr, Bloomberg and Airbnb all have been coded in Ruby, along with many others. It’s mostly required to maintain code databases of numerous celebrated websites, and with time, its popularity is increasing.



R programming is a software programming language used largely by statisticians and data miners to frame intricate statistical software and data analytics models. The best part here is that it’s open source, thus free to access and easy to execute. Also, it offers superior quality graphical capabilities, perfect for managing humongous amounts of data efficiently.


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