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Text Adventure – Using Control Flow In Python

Python wascreated by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991.Python, as a programming platform, has gained a huge popularity within a short span of time because of its flexibility and the user-friendly interface. The software can be deployed easily for developing statistical models and machine learning algorithms

Text Adventure- Using Control Flow In Python

In fact, due to the advent of AI and ML, Python has a language has had a certain kind of rebirth as far as industrial use is concerned. Today, however, the focus is going to be on a particular section of the language, namely the control flow to create a basic system in Python.

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Tableau: The intelligent tool of business

Tableau: The intelligent tool of business.

Tableau plays a very crucial role in data intelligence, data representations, data visualizations, and data modelling. The time has gone when folks used to draw graph, charts, on excel and variant types of resources or tool. Because provide us live data source accessibility with number of data sources like – spark, Google Products, Social network, programming language (R,Python,JAVA) whereas tableau uses VIZQL in background to speed up the performance. So now the time is to move towards Business Intelligence.As of now, you don’t need to worry about either data or data sources.

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