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Incredible Future Possibilities of Market Risk Analytics

Global risks are burgeoning; companies of all sizes are seeking the perks of risk analytics and management. Smart companies are realizing the change is coming from people as well as recent technological breakthroughs, including Big Data and AI. And CEOs are improvising their risk teams, and transforming them into perceptive strategic advisors to address budding dangerous threats like cybercrime.

Incredible Future Possibilities of Market Risk Analytics

Modern risk analysts have accurate knowledge about risk, artificial intelligence and cyber security – so, it’s time they get an opportunity to show a greater presence in the stoic boardrooms as strategic advisors. AI, the cutting-edge risk analytics tool surfaced out to enhance the inexorable march of big data. As such, their importance in the organization in assessing risk has greatly increased.

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Here’s All You Need to Know about DexLab Analytics’ Market Risk Modelling Live Demo Session

DexLab Analytics brings Market Risk Modelling training to India. Internet has helped people become technology-driven. Digital transformation is evident all around us. No more, gaining knowledge is a task like moving mountains – right from the confinements of your home, you can now get access to a plethora of information and knowledge, thanks to online learning. Several professionals and students are opting for e-learning method of education, owing to its flexibility and ease of access. And India is not lagging behind in this. Several online classes and sessions are being organized by premier data science learning institutes in India, and DexLab Analytics is one of them. 

Here’s All You Need to Know about DexLab Analytics’ Market Risk Modelling Live Demo Session

DexLab Analytics is here with an intensive live demo session on Market Risk Modelling Online for free. The online workshop is taking place on 25th October, 2017 from 10:00PM IST onwards, and will solely focus on how Market Risk Analytics has grown to be the new in-demand analytics course for the financial sector. Our in-house trainers will extensively explain the nitty-gritty of MRM, including its importance, major components, and why is it a must-to-have skill for the future. The interested candidates are asked to register as soon as possible by penning down a mail to DexLab Analytics, mentioning they would attend the workshop on the specified date and time.

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Market Risk Analytics: What It is All About

Market Risk Analytics: What It is All About

With time, firms need more efficient, versatile and highly functional analytics tools to address new, complex issues related to market risk. Market risk analytics involve a comprehensive set of integrated, scalable and productive solutions for wide-range risk management across various verticals of asset classes.

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Why Risk Analytics?

Risk analytics basically help organizations realize the existence of risks lying under business activities – by facilitating enterprises to identify, determine and manage their company risk. In lieu of this, the pressing need for risk analytics is going to increase across industries in the coming few years. New developments, like real-time risk analytics, which is an advanced form of traditional risk analytics process that calculates risk on a real-time basis, are influencing the entire market, while accentuating its mitigating abilities.

DexLab Analytics Introduces Market Risk Analytics and Modelling Online Session – @Dexlabanalytics.

What the Course Offers?

Many top notch education-providing companies are now offering Market Risk Analytics and Modelling online course to better alleviate and handle risks. Increasing needs to address particular risk-induced challenges and excessive focus on the financial market sector is driving the risk analytics market in India. Hence, learning and honing your skills on market risk is indispensable – DexLab Analytics brings Predictive modelling of market risk using SAS to India. The course module will address key issues, like the different types of risks faced by banks, the 1990’s financial crisis, sources and scope of market risk, theoretical probability distributions, volatility forecasting and clustering models, value at Risk Modelling, quantitative models of market risk and description of key financial products.

Some of the most common types of risks that banks are exposed to are Credit risk, Market risk, Operational risk, Liquidity risk, Business risk, Reputational risk, Systemic risk and Moral hazard. All banks need to establish separate risk management departments to manage, monitor and mitigate such high-flying risks. The concept of probability distributions sheds light on investing options – stock returns are expected to be distributed normally, but the reality may vary. They are mostly used in risk management to determine the probability of an event as well as the proportion of losses that it would strike based on a distribution of historical returns. Clustering models is another branch of risk analytics that helps in identifying groups of similar records and marking the records in accordance to the group in which it belongs. These models are also known as unsupervised learning models. Apart from this, other valuable concepts will be addressed during the online live sessions.

Closing Thoughts

Emergence of real time risk analytics is boosting the market of risk analytics. Technology being the driving factor for real-time analysis trades data to the organizations to balance market volatility. Leading service providers are on their quest to design and develop dynamically configurable risk analytics frameworks for clients. And why not, risk analytics boasts of widespread applications, starting from fraud detection to liquidity risk analysis, credit risk management and product portfolio management – various industries are nowadays looking up to market risk analytics, including banking, financial services, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, consumer goods and retail, energy and utilities, telecommunication and information technology (IT), media and entertainment, and many others.

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