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The Worst Techniques To Build A Predictive Model

While some of these techniques may be a little out of date and most of them have evolved over time greatly, for the past 10 years rendering most of these tools completely different and much more efficient to use. But here are few bad techniques in predictive modelling that are still widely in use in the industry:


Predictive Model


1. Using traditional decision trees: usually too large decision trees are usually really complex to handle and almost impossible to analyze for even the most knowledgeable data scientist. They are also prone to over-fitting which is why they are best avoided. Instead we recommend that you combine multiple small decision trees into one than using a single large decision tree to avoid unnecessary complexity.

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Historians Make Use of Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modelling

Predictive modeling figures at the top of the list of new techniques put in to use by researchers in order to make out key archeological sites. The methodology used is not that complex. It makes predictions on the location of archeological sites having for its basis the qualities that are common to the sites already known. And the best news is that it works like a charm. A group of archeologists working in the company Logan Simpson which operates out of Utah discovered no less than 19 individual archeological sites containing many biface blades as well as stone points in addition to other artifacts that belong to the Paleoarchaic Period which ranges from 7,000 to 12,000 years ago.


The location of the site is about 160 km or 100 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada. The group of researchers also came across lakes and streams that disappeared long before. According to archeologists the sites were perhaps put into used by a number of groups of gatherers and hunters in the ancient times. The sites are scattered widely and also are scarce and could herald an understanding of the human activity that took place throughout the length and breadth of the Great Basin as a warmer climate prevailed after the end of the Ice Age. Their remoteness ensured that they remain unfound when traditional methods are employed.

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In Nevada’s Dry Lake Valley, Delamar Valley and Kane Springs archeologists have discovered sites like Clovis, Lake Mojave and also Silver Lake that contains some stone tools constructed according to styles prevalent as far as 12,000 years back.The project was funded by the Lincoln County Archeological Initiative from the Bureau of Land Management. It made use of GIS or geographic information system technology in order to make predictions about activity belonging to the Pleistocene-Holocene period.

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The predictive modeling put into use took in to account the fact that the Great Basin was way more wet and cool at the end period of the Pleistocene than the climate prevalent today and in all probability had attracted the attention of gatherers and hunters for several centuries. The process of mapping with GIS and aerial pictures amongst others was followed by pinpointing and ranking the various locations that hold the most promise.

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Apart from the Paleoarchaic era, artifacts belonging to relatively more recent periods in History were also found which bear out that the sites at the lakeside had been used over the course of several millennia.

But the most important discovery was the proof that that Predictive Modeling on the basis of GIS works well and should be included in the arsenal of tools of archeologists trying to discover prehistoric sites .

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