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Pentagon Fights Off ISIS with Machine Learning and Big Data

Machine learning and big data are the new BIG things going around in the world. They are being used for myriad purposes – better AI, apt malware detection, smart messenger apps, and lot, lot more. Topping that, they are being utilized by the Pentagon to eradicate the foundations of Islamic State militants and make the world a safer (and better) place to live in.

Pentagon Fights Off ISIS with Machine Learning and Big Data

This May, the Pentagon announced that it is undertaking its newly minted Algorithmic Warfare Cross Functional Team (AWCFT), codenamed Project Maven, with introducing Big Data and Machine Learning to boost the process of discovering actionable intelligence with the help of aerial imagery. “We’re not going to solve it by throwing more people at the problem…That’s the last thing that we actually want to do. We want to be smarter about what we’re doing,” Air Force Lt. Gen. John N.T. “Jack” Shanahan, director for defence intelligence for war fighter support told a leading defence news magazine.

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Pandora: Blending Music with Machine Learning

Pandora: Blending Music with Machine Learning

Erik Schmidt, a Senior Scientist at Pandora is going to propose an insight of recommendations and deeper challenges involved with Pandora at the Machine Intelligence Summit. This global tech event will take place in San Francisco on 23rd and 24th of March 2017. Continue reading “Pandora: Blending Music with Machine Learning”

A robot too close to humans! Story of BINA 48

BINA 48 is the world’s most renowned and highly sought after humanoid robot in America. You can visit her there, by driving down a long winding dirt road just west of the Lincoln Gap in Bristol, Vt. Where sits two large yellow houses on a sprawling property that features ten solar panels and a dock over-looking the sunlit pond filled with trout, a homely porch decorated with rocking chairs.

Advances in Machine Learning and Data Analysis Bina 48


In the smaller of the two houses resides BINA 48, who is one of the most sought after humanoid who is based on a real personality – Bina Rothblatt.

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Here Are Four Predictions For AI This 2017!

Last year was the year, which saw artificial intelligence, went mainstream.


Here Are Four Predictions For AI This 2017!


By that, we do not mean just getting filtered raunchy photos on Twitter or getting the fake news suggestions on Facebook.

Here is what to look for in Artificial Intelligence for this New Year:

  • Driven by unprecedented financial support (along with a growing open source ecosystem), founders have been delivering artificial intelligence start-ups at a record high rate.
  • GE, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Salesforce and Samsung, and several other name brands made rigorous AI investments last year.
  • There are now five million homes, which, are talking about their music and shopping choices with the help of Alexa from Amazon.
  • There is a whole new department of U.S. Department of Transportation Committee for self-driving cars. Even a few years ago, there were people talking about 2025 or so for the accessibility of self-driving cars (of level 5 autonomy), but this is a reality now, much before we could reach 2020. It is also amazing to think that self-driving cars may whittle down the 1.2 million annual deaths from automobiles.
  • Also in other interesting news, two AI unicorns just grew their horns, the Cylance in Silicon Valley and iCarbonX in China.
  • Also more than one-fifth of the MIT 50 smartest companies list, include AI as a core approach these days.

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