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How are The Tweets of Donald Trump Faring For Him?

We ran sentiment analysis with R

A massive stir in the global political scenario piqued the interests of several data analysts, politicians and global onlookers alike with a revelation made by David Robinson, a data scientist. He recently revealed into the media an analysis of Trump’s tweets, wherein he figured that those that happened from an android device were done by the presidential candidate himself, but those that were done from an iPhone device were done by a campaign staff.


How are The Tweets of Donald Trump Faring For Him?


While many may not think too deeply about this minor information, the main distinguishing point about this revelation has something to do with sentiments behind the tweets. The android device based tweets from the candidate himself (Trump) use angrier, more negative words but the iPhone-based tweets tended to be more straightforward ones with campaign announcements and hash tag promotions; something that a simple campaigner with digital marketing and clickbaits in mind would do with their docile mannerisms. The news was initially reported by the Scientific American, PC Magazine, and the LA Times. In fact, David Robinson even gave an interview with Time Magazine about his deductions. Continue reading “How are The Tweets of Donald Trump Faring For Him?”

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