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How Data Science Is Getting Better, Day by Day?


In the latest Star Wars movie, the character of Rose Tico – a humble maintenance techie with a talent for tinkering is relatable; her role expands and responsibilities increase as the movie gets going, just like our data scientists. A chance encounter with Finn puts her into the frontlines of action, and by the end of the movie, she’s flying ski-speeders in the new galactic civil war, one of the most critical battles in the movie – with time, her role becomes more complex and demanding, but she never quivers and embraces the challenges to get the job done.

A lot many data scientists draw similarities with Rose’s character. In the last 5 years, the job role and responsibility of data analysts has undergone an unrecognizable change – as data proliferation is increasing in capacity and complexity, the responsibility is found shifting base from dedicated consultants to cross-functional, highly-skilled data teams, proficient enough in integrating skills together. Today’s data consultants need to complete tasks collaboratively to formulate trailblazing analysis that let businesses predict future success and growth pattern, effectively.

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Quite conventionally, the intense role of prediction falls on the sophisticated crop of data scientists, while business analysts are more oriented towards measuring churn. On the other hand, intricate tasks, like model construction or natural language processing are performed by an elite team of data professionals, armed with strong engineering expertise.

Said differently, the emergence of data manipulation languages, such as R and Python is surging – owing to their extensive usage and adaptability, businesses are biased towards implementing these languages for advanced analysis. Drawing inspiration from Rose’s character, each data scientist should adapt to newer technology and expectations, and enhance expertise and skills that’s needed for the new role.

However, acing the cutting edge programming languages and tools isn’t enough for the challenge – today, data teams need to visualize their results, like never before. The insights churned out of advanced machine learning are curated for consumption by business pioneers and operation teams. Thus, the results have to be crisp, clear and creatively presented. As a result, predictive tools are being combined with effective capability of Python and R with which analysts and stakeholders are quite familiar.

The whole big data industry is changing, and the demand for skilled big data analysts is sky-rocketing. In this tide of change, if you are not relying on advanced data analysis tools and predictive analytics, you are going to lag behind. Companies that analyze data, boost decision-making, and observe social media trends – changing with time – will have immense advantages over companies that don’t pay attention to these crucial parameters.


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5 Best Data Science Resources to Ace the Game of Data

Wondering how a data scientist makes advances in his data career? Or how does he expand his skills in the future? Reading is the most common answer; nothing helps better than keeping a close eye on the industry news. Data science is evolving at a rapid speed; to be updated with the latest innovations and technology discoveries would be the best thing to stay ahead of the curve.

5 Best Data Science Resources to Ace the Game of Data

If you are a newbie in this field, make sure you are well-read about the current industry trends and articulate it well to the HR heads that you are someone who is always a step ahead to consume knowledge about data science and its related fields. This helps!

A wide number of data science blogs and articles are available over the internet, but with so many options, it’s easy to feel lost. For this and more, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 5 best data science blog recommendations that would help aspiring data scientists maneuver smoothly through this sphere.

Data Elixir

For a one stop destination for all things DATA, Data Elixir is the right choice. Crafted by ex-NASA data scientist Lon Riesberg, Data Elixir offers a list-wise view of the posts; easy categorization of content is anytime preferable and renders easy search options.

Data Science Weekly

The brain child of Hannah Brooks and Sebastian Gutierrez, Data Science Weekly is the ultimate hub for recent news, well-curated articles and promising jobs related to data science. You can either sign up for their newsletter or simply scroll through their archives dated back to 2013.

The Analytics Dispatch

The Analytics Dispatch is more like a newsletter content creating hub, wherein they send weekly emails about data science related stuff to its readers. Collected, analyzed and developed by a robust team at Mode Analytics, which also happens to be an Udacity partner, the newsletters focus on practical advices on data analysis and how data scientists should work.

Let’s Take Your Data Dreams to the Next Level

O’Reilly Media’s data science blog

To read some of the most amazing articles on AI and data science, make O’Reilly Media’s data science blog your best companion. The articles are curated, researched and written by influencers and data science pundits, who are technically sound and understands the advanced nuances of the field in-depth.


Being top notch big data software, Cloudera’s contribution to the world of data science is immense. Time to time, it publishes interesting articles, know-hows and guides on a plethora of open source big data software, like Hadoop, Flume, Apache, Kafka, Zookeeper and more.

Besides, DexLab Analytics, a pioneering analytics training institute headquartered in Gurgaon, India also publishes technical articles, amazing blogs, riveting case studies and interviews with analytics leaders on myriad data science topics, including Apache Spark, Retail Analytics and Risk Modeling. The content is crisp, easy to understand and offers crucial insights on a gamut of topics: it helps the aspiring readers to broaden their horizons.

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Top Databases of 2017 to Watch Out For

Data processing is the most talked about topic of this year. From the figure below, you can comprehend that NoSQL and SQL databases are the ones most preferred by the respondents. 

Top Databases of 2017to Watch Out For

By putting together the percentage of respondents who found them fetching and who called them ‘extremely engaging’, we can conclude who the runner-up is. Here, NoSQL databases secure the second rank with 74.8%.

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What Makes Artificial Intelligence So Incredibly Powerful?

What Makes Artificial Intelligence So Incredibly Powerful?

Do you also feel that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting eerily powerful day-by-day? That is because the structures of Artificial Intelligence exploit the very fundamental laws of physics and of the universe as per latest research.

These new findings help to answer a long-awaited mystery about a category of AI that employs an interesting strategy called deep learning. These are programs based on deep neural networks hence, the name deep learning. The way this works is that they have multi-layered algorithms in which the lower-level calculations feed into the higher level ones within the hierarchy. These deep neural networks often perform surprisingly well when it comes to solving problems which are highly complex, like beating the world’s best player of a strategic board game called Go or categorising cat photos, however no one truly knows why… Continue reading “What Makes Artificial Intelligence So Incredibly Powerful?”

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