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Credit Risk Managers Must use Big Data in These Three Ways

Credit risk managers must use Big Data in these three ways

While the developed nations are slowly recovering from the financial chaos of post depression, the credit risk managers are facing growing default rates as household debts are increasing with almost no relief in sight. As per the reports of the International Finance which stated at the end of 2015 that household debts have risen to by USD 7.7 trillion since the year 2007. It now stands at the heart stopping amount of a massive USD 44 trillion and the amount of debts increased in the emerging markets is of USD 6.2 trillion. The household loans of emerging economies calculating as per adult rose by 120 percent over the period and are now summed up to USD 3000.

To thrive in this market of increasing debts, credit risk managers must consider innovative methods to keep accuracy in check and decrease default rates. A good solution to this can be applying the data analytics to Big Data. Continue reading “Credit Risk Managers Must use Big Data in These Three Ways”

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