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Banking Business and Banking Instruments

Having discussed some amount of mandatory regulatory compliances for banks over the past couple of blogs, let us now focus on the bank’s lines of business. Understanding the different banking products is inevitable for credit risk management and analytics. One has to be well versed with the nature of banking products before they step in to develop model for any of them.  Each banking product has its own characteristics and its own set of risk exposure. Hence, understanding these products is the top priority. In this blog we discuss three of the major banking products: Checking Accounts, Savings accounts and Certificate of Deposits.




Checking Accounts: This is a transactional deposit account held at a financial institution that allows for withdrawal and deposits. Money held in a checking account is liquid, and can be easily withdrawn using checks, automated cash machines, and electronic debits among other methods. It allows for numerous withdrawals, unlimited deposits etc. These accounts are known as current accounts in UK. These are often loss leaders for large commercial banks since they become highly commotized. Because money held in checking accounts is so liquid, aggregate balances nationwide are used in the calculation of M1 money supply. Continue reading “Banking Business and Banking Instruments”

Credit Risk Analytics and Regulatory Compliance – An Overview

Credit Risk Analytics and Regulatory Compliance – An Overview


Post the Financial Crisis of 2008, there has been an increase in the regulatory vigilance of the capital adequacy of commercial banks across the globe. Banks need to be compliant with different regulatory capital requirements, so that they can continue their operations under situations of stress. A majority of analytical work in Indian BFSI domain is to provide analytical support to US based multinational NBFC’s. We would like to throw some light on the opportunities and scope of credit risk analytics in the US banking and financial services industry. The Federal Reserve requires the banks to be compliant with three main regulatory requirements: BASEL- II, Dodd Frank Act Stress Testing (DFAST) and Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR).

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