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Where Did I Go Wrong Predicting the Bitcoin Boom?

A few years ago, Silicon Valley in San Francisco came under the influence of a new, mysterious thing known as Bitcoin. It swept away the tech enthusiasts off their feet. There were a wide set of rumors that Bitcoin was virtual money, invented by a pseudonymous math stalwart named Satoshi Nakamoto, who would later stir up the structure of modern finance and render government-powered currency antiquated.

Where Did I Go Wrong Predicting the Bitcoin Boom?

To understand the phenomenon better, I once bought a single Bitcoin long time back, which then involved a strenuous labor-intensive process, where I had to go to CVS and use MoneyGram to wire dollar value of a Bitcoin to a crypto-currency exchange. After a month or so, I decided to sell it off for a slight loss, thoroughly convinced that this virtual money is nothing but just a passing fad.

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