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Will GST Boost The Big Data Revolution? The Answer lies Within

It is July 1st, 2017 – the epic day when GST, aka The Goods and Services Tax comes into effect, simplifying the whole tax collection procedure of the nation. From today, there will be a single tax on the supply of goods and services that will replace all other state and central levies. GST is pegged to be one of the most impressive economic tax reforms implemented by PM Narendra Modi to take Bharat to the summit of transparent digitization.

Will GST Boost The Big Data Revolution? The Answer lies Within

Data is crucial. While it ushers in a greater transparency and simplified tracking through data, it also unleashes the requirement for Data Analytics and ERP solutions. Besides, GST includes several billing software and payment gateway channelization, triggering plenitude of job opportunities in the IT sector. Reports say it is going to be a $1 billion opportunity for IT vendors over the next two years. Quite a lot to think about!

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The Big Boost in Big Data Jobs in 2017: What the Study Suggests

Big Data is the new big name in the present tech industry. Day by day, it is burgeoning and becoming capacious for companies, including corporate, SMBs and budding startups. It is also the major reason for better opportunities for people, who want to explore newer career realms across sectors, such as healthcare, banking, education, government, retail and manufacturing.


The Big Boost in Big Data Jobs in 2017: What the Study Suggests


The current IT industry is passing through a jinxed phase, where a lot of layoff fears are on the airwaves but the field of analytics remains largely unaffected. In fact, the number of analytics jobs in the past one year has nearly doubled, as per a report by Analytics India Magazine – a platform for big data, analytics and data science and Edvancer Eduventures – an online analytics training institute. The Analytics & Data Science India Jobs Study 2017 has predicted nearly 50000 positions related to analytics are at present available to be filled in India.

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Big Data Salary Report 2017: A Gateway to a Great Career in Analytics

Big Data Salary Report 2017

In the US, big data engineer salaries are predicted to range between $135000 and 196000 in 2017, an increase of 5.8% from 2016 salary structure.  


In India, big data professionals are predicted to earn salaries in the range of 9.8L INR to 13.10L INR, increasing 6.4% over 2016 salary level.

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When Machines Do Everything – How to Survive?

In the coming years, jobs and businesses are going to be impacted; reason AI. Today’s generation is very much concerned about how the bots will consume everything; from jobs to skills, the smart machines will spare nothing! It is true that machines are going to replace man-powered jobs – by using robots, mundane jobs can be performed in a flick of an eye freeing people working in bigger organisations to innovate and succeed.


Machine Learning training course Pune

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The First Annual Big Data Conference in Pune: Where the Big Data World Meets

The First Annual Big Data Conference in Pune, the largest and sole Big Data event that country is going to witness, will be taking place on 15th April 2017, from 10 AM to 6 PM. The conference will be hosting some of the top-notch speakers from the Big Data domain, including thought leaders, data scientists and data engineers from in and around Pune, India. The focus of the sessions and discussions will be solely on Hadoop, and its related ecosystem and Data Science. Moreover, the conference will also highlight successful big data use cases, implementations and insights, which will help in better implementation of Big Data solutions.

The First Annual Big Data Conference in Pune: Where the Big Data World Meets

Today, data driven solutions have become a critical factor across mainstream industries. While big data implementations are driving the industries towards success, customer expectations are making ways to embrace the need for Big Data innovations. The First Annual Big Data Conference in Pune will be strengthening the belief that a vibrant big data community embracing new technical upgrades and developments will offer better employment opportunities and enhance the overall local endowment base.

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Be Bold, Be Big: Celebrating International Women’s Day with Women in Big Data

Big Data is mentioned everywhere, but what is not mentioned is the women who have made Big Data so fetching and widely popular. Though women contribute to half the population, yet their contribution to Big Data’s success is hardly spoken of. Don’t you think they deserve better? Don’t you think they are often underestimated?

Be Bold, Be Big: Celebrating International Women’s Day with Women in Big Data

International Women’s day, celebrated on 8th March, is right here knocking at the door! So, let’s remember and appreciate the contributions by women, past and present. Here is a comprehensive list of eight influential women who made Big Data bigger in the field of data science and on this remarkable global day, we give a standing ovation to the Big ladies of Big Data.

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Apple Watch’s Strategy Analytics, Return to 1% Growth

As per the latest research from strategy analytics, the global smart watch shipments of Apple has grown by 1 percent annually to hit the major record of 8.2 million units in the 4th quarter of the year 2016. The growth of apple watch drove and got dominated with 63 percent in global smart watch share of market and Samsung still continues to hold its second position.
Apple Watch’s Strategy Analytics, Return to 1% Growth


Neil Mawston, the Executive Director at Strategy Analytics stated on the issue by saying – the global shipments have grown by 1 percent annually from the pre-existing 8.1 million units in quarter 4 in 2015 to 8.2 million in quarter 4 in 2016. The market shows a marked growth in the fourth quarter for growth in smart watches industry after the past two consecutive quarters for declining volumes. The smart watch growth is also seen to be recovering ever so slightly due to new product launches from other company giants. Moreover, there is a seasonal demand for these gadgets, and a giant such as Apple is launching stringer demand in the major developed markets in the US and UK. Hence, the international smart watch shipments grew by 1 percent annually; from the previously existing 20.8 million in full-year 2015 to a record high of 21.1 million in 2016.

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What Does The Market Look Like for Hadoop in 2018 – 2022?

What Does The Market Look Like for Hadoop in 2018 – 2022?

It will be a simple understatement to say that Hadoop took the Big Data market up by storm this past years from 2012-2016. This time-period in the history of data witnessed a wave of mergers, acquisitions and high valuation rounds of finances. It will not be a simple exaggeration to state that today Hadoop is the only cost sensible and scalable open-source alternative option against the other commercially available Big Data Management tools and packages.

Recently it has not only emerged as the de-facto for all industry standard business intelligence (BI), and has become an integral part of almost all commercially available Big Data solutions.

Until 2015, it had become quite clear that Hadoop did fail to deliver in terms of revenues. From 2012 to 2015, the growth and development of Hadoop systems have been financed by venture capitalists mostly. It also made some funds through acquisition money and R&D project budgets.

But it is no doubt that Hadoop talent is sparse and also does not come in cheap. Hadoop smarts a steep learning curve that most cannot manage to climb. Yet, still more and more enterprises are finding themselves be attracted towards the gravitational pull of this massive open-source system, of Hadoop. It is mostly due to the functionality that it offers. Several interesting trends have emerged in the Hadoop market within the last 2 years like:

  • The transformation from batch processing to online processing
  • The emergence of MapReduce alternatives like Spark, DataTorrent and Storm
  • Increasing dissatisfaction among the people with the gap between SQL-on-Hadoop and the present provisions
  • Hadoop’s case will further see a spur with the emergence of IoT
  • In-house development and deployment of Hadoop
  • Niche enterprises are focussing on enhancing Hadoop features and its functionality like visualization features, governance, ease of use, and its way to ease up to the market.

While still having a few obvious setbacks, it is of no doubt that, Hadoop is here to stay for the long haul. Moreover, there is rapid growth to be expected in the near future.


Image Source:

As per market, forecasts the Hadoop market is expected to grow at CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of 58% thereby surpassing USD 16 billion by 2020.

The major players in the Hadoop industry are as follows: Teradata Corporation, Rainstor, Cloudera, Inc. and Hortonworks Inc., Fujitsu Ltd., Hitachi Data Systems, Datameer, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., Hewlett-Packard, Zettaset, Inc., IBM, Dell, Inc., Amazon Web Services, Datastax, Inc., MapR Technologies, Inc., etc.

Several opportunities are emerging for Hadoop market with the changing global environment where Big Data is affecting the IT businesses in the following two ways:

  1. The need to accommodate this exponentially increasing amount of data (storage, analysis, processing)
  2. Increasingly cost-prohibitive models for pricing that are being imposed by the established IT vendors


Image Source:

The forecast for Hadoop market for the years 2017-2022 can be summarised as follows:

  1. Hadoop market segment as per geographical factors: EMEA, America and Asia/Pacific
  2. As per software and hardware services: commercially supported software for Hadoop, Hadoop appliances and hardware, Hadoop services (integration, consulting, middleware, and support), outsourcing and training
  3. By verticals
  4. By tiers of data (quantity of data managed by organizations)
  5. As per application: advanced/predictive analysis, ETL/data integration, Data mining/visualization. Social media and click stream analysis. Data warehouse offloading; IoT (internet of things) and mobile devices. Active archives along with cyber security log analysis.


Image Source:

This chain link graph shows that each component in an industry is closely linked to data analytics and management and plays an equally important role in generating business opportunities and better revenue streams.

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How To Stop Big Data Projects From Failing?

Here in this post we will discuss with inspiration from the views of insider experts about how Big Data teams and IT personnel can make sense from the right kinds of data which will ultimately allow executives to make smarter business choices and drive results for their business.


Big data hadoop certification in pune

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