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Why Ethereum Is the Next Big Thing for Today’s Netizens?

Why Ethereum Is the Next Big Thing for Today’s Netizens?


Today, Pelle Braendgaard writes distributed applications, or “DApps,” for Ethereum—a cryptography-based technology that is waiting to make an impact. It’s similar to the green field of 1990’s web, providing similar opportunities as then.

The birth of DApps

If people at all know about Ethereum, it is as Bitcoin’s first cousin that stands for everything experimental and of course Braendgaard, who is widely acclaimed as the old-guard programmer. The price of Ether, the coin underlying Ethereum, has spiked up by over a factor of 20 in the last 6 months. Unfortunately, on the zest to become rich quickly, many of us have overlooked Ethereum’s prominent significance. More than just being a new type of digital currency, Ethereum has developed into a new breed of distributed computer, which no one can control but can see inside out. Through this computer, a new creed of applications is launched -“DApps”.

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A Lead to Future: Data Analytics in Pune


“Big data analytics will help bridge India’s tax gap.” Economic Times

India’s Growing Big Data Future.” NDTV

“The Big News About Big Data.” NASSCOM

“Big data to boost job openings in 2017: Report” Tech Circle

“Big Data for the next green revolution.” Hindu Business Line

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The Possibilities of Big Data

It is no secret that Big Data has some wonderful applications that may change the way we interact with businesses, and even more how they interacts with us through other facets of this rapidly growing field. But, what can it do concretely? This blog post shares insights of this question.
The Possibilities of Big Data

Endless Possibilities of Big Data

 It can tell you what may most probably happen

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