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10 Amazing Excel Templates to Help Maintain an Organized Budget

10 Amazing Excel Templates to Help Maintain an Organized Budget

Managing a proper budget is an essential task. Professionals working in enterprises are somehow involved in performing this task to some degree. Fortunately, a handful number of budgeting Excel templates is available online – check out some of our favorites:

Back to the basics, budget is something more than an educative, future projection of what should happen to a company’s financial position over a specific course of time, based on the latest trends, current data and previous history. The accuracy of the entire forecast depends on the quality of financial data accumulated during the budget period – it is here that a robust set of data collection tools saves the day.

Here’s a roundup of some of the most useful and easy-to-use budget-related MS Excel templates – most of them are available and are for free. Let’s check them out:

Microsoft Office Templates

When it comes to software, Microsoft remains unbeatable. It offers few applaud-worthy customizable office templates that help you become more productive in implementing programs, perform tasks and track financial budgets. Some of them are below:

Business Expense Report

Business travel expense report is one of the most popular budget reporting activities. For reimbursement of travel expenses, the employee needs to present detailed accounts of expenditures. The Excel template in here is easy to fill up, less time-consuming and removes the frustration caused due to tracking expenses in a business trip.

Project Budget

Project Budget template helps you evaluate your project’s design, development and delivery costs so as to monitor actual expenses that occur thereafter.



Profit and Loss Statement

An all-inclusive profit and loss statement is fundamental for any enterprise. Whether it’s on a departmental level or encompassing an entire organization, determining profit and loss in the financial statement is important to put into focus the problematic areas of your business. The Excel template helps in calculating both the actual and budget revenues and expenses over a pre-determined period of time.

Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet is an effective financial budgetary document that enlists all the assets and liabilities, while evaluating their budgetary values, depreciation rates and amortization records, and the job gets easier when it’s done on an Excel template.

Activity-based Cost Tracker

The activity-based cost tracker template provides you a visual representation of standard, administrative, direct and indirect costs in relation to production. It also helps in monitoring the cost of each unit, while helping you manipulate your budget plan, if other factors, including costs fluctuate.

Small Business Cash Flow Projection

Managing cash flow is more significant than determining profit and loss and balance sheet and by properly using the Excel template small businesses will do well for themselves anytime.

Simple Invoice

In the business circle, an Excel template on invoice gains a lot of accolades. This kind of Excel template automatically calculates the totals and subtotals so that the businesses don’t have to lose any of its valuable time.


Beyond the jurisdiction of Microsoft, here are few other budget-related Excel templates:

Year-round IT Budget Template

From the curators of Tech Pro Research team, this cutting edge Excel template helps you track all your spending, administer unplanned expenditure, classify expenses, and highlight key data, like cost of hiring new recruits, contract end dates and recurring payments.



Systems Downtime Expense Calculator

Taking care of an enterprise network is the most demanding job role for any IT administrator. Nothing in this wide world will be more traumatic than network downtime. Hence, this Excel template assist you place a dollar amount on your network downtime.

Computer Hardware Depreciation Calculator

This Excel worksheet helps you determine depreciation for your equipment – finding the rate of depreciation is not a piece of cake – there are many methods of deprecation to take into account.

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