Tableau: The intelligent tool of business

Tableau: The intelligent tool of business

Tableau: The intelligent tool of business.

Tableau plays a very crucial role in data intelligence, data representations, data visualizations, and data modelling. The time has gone when folks used to draw graph, charts, on excel and variant types of resources or tool. Because provide us live data source accessibility with number of data sources like – spark, Google Products, Social network, programming language (R,Python,JAVA) whereas tableau uses VIZQL in background to speed up the performance. So now the time is to move towards Business Intelligence.As of now, you don’t need to worry about either data or data sources.


Maps in Tableau: Key to Answer Data Questions – @Dexlabanalytics.

What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence is a term which is co-related with technology, applications, analysis and it’s a way to represent business terms or information’s. The aim of business intelligence is to make businesses more effective by fetching important insights from the data. The present business scenario is absolutely data driven. Data can be structured (maintained within the organisational databases) as well as unstructured (obtained from the different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc.). Business intelligence tool such as Tableau is used for converting the raw data into meaningful results which help the businesses get important insights into their processes and suggest a way forward in the future. Usage of proper business intelligence techniques, help the businesses optimise their processes by identifying process junks, thereby reduce costs and increase the profits.


Power BI or Tableau? Which is Better and Why? – @Dexlabanalytics.

Why tableau??

Tableau has some specialized visualising applications such as: dashboards, story, advanced concepts of data joining, concepts of sql, parameters, which make visualization intelligent, attractive and more precise. A great advantage of tableau is that it provides access to real time data. Therefore, visualising big data becomes very easy with Tableau.


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Pre-requisites of tableau

Tableau can help a professional build a career into a new domain. The software has widespread appeal among professionals who are willing to take up a career in Business Intelligence, since it is easily usable because of its drag and drop approach. To be a BI professional skilled in tableau, one need not be an expert in statistical disciplines. It is a very user-friendly software and has great potential to grow into a popular BI tool, since it has a great appeal among the non-technical folks!!!!




Tableau has evolved a great deal since its inception and the latest version of Tableau (v 10.3) comes with a whole new array of helpful features.



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