R is Gaining Huge Prominence in Data Analytics: Explained Why

R is Gaining Huge Prominence in Data Analytics: Explained Why

Why should you learn R?

Just because it is largely popular..

Is this reason enough for you?

Budding data analytics professionals look forward to learn R because they think by grasping R skills, they would be able to nab the core principles of data science: data visualization, machine learning and data manipulation.

Be careful, while selecting a language to learn. The language should be capacious enough to trigger all the above-mentioned areas and more. Being a data scientist, you would need tools to carry out all these tasks, along with having the resources to learn them in the desired language.

In short, fix your attention on process and technique and just not on the syntax – after all, you need to find out ways to discover insight in data, and for that you need to excel over these 3 core skills in data science and FYI – in R, it is easier to master these skills as compared to any other language.

Data Manipulation

As rightly put, more than 80% of work in data science is related to data manipulation. Data wrangling is very common; a regular data scientist spends a significant portion of his time working on data – he arranges data and puts them into a proper shape to boost future operational activities. 

In R, you will find some of the best data management tools – dplyr package in R makes data manipulation easier. Just ‘chain’ the standard dplyr together and see how drastically data manipulation turns out to be simple.

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Data Visualization

One of the best data visualization tools, ggplot2 helps you get a better grip on syntax, while easing out the way you think about data visualization. Statistical visualizations are rooted in deep structure – they consist of a highly structured framework on which several data visualizations are created. Ggplot2 is also based on this system – learn ggplot2 and discover data visualization in a new way.

However, the moment you combine dplyr and ggplot2 together, through the chaining technology, deciphering new insights about your data becomes a piece of cake.

Machine Learning

For many, machine learning is the most important skill to develop but if you ask me, it takes time to ace it. Professionals, who are in this line of work takes years to fully understand the real workings of machine learning and implement it in the best way possible.

Stronger tools are needed time and often, especially when normal data exploration stops producing good results. R boasts of some of the most innovative tools and resources.

R is gaining popularity. It is becoming the lingua franca for data science, though there are several other high-end language programs, R is the one that is used most widely and extremely reliable. A large number of companies are putting their best bets on R – Digital natives like Google and Facebook both houses a large number of data scientists proficient in R. Revolution Analytics once stated, “R is also the tool of choice for data scientists at Microsoft, who apply machine learning to data from Bing, Azure, Office, and the Sales, Marketing and Finance departments.” Besides the tech giants, a wide array of medium-scale companies like Uber, Ford, HSBC and Trulia have also started recognizing the growing importance of R.

Now, if you want to learn more programming languages, you are good to go. To be clear, there is no single programming language that would solve all your data related problems, hence it’s better to set your hands in other languages to solve respective problems.

Consider Machine Learning Using Python; next to R, Python is the encompassing multi-purpose programming language all the data scientists should learn. Loaded with incredible visualization tools, machine learning techniques, Python is the second most useful language to learn. Grab a Python certification Gurgaon today from DexLab Analytics. It will surely help your career move!


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