How R Programming is Transforming Business for Good

How R Programming is Transforming Business for Good

Today, every business is putting efforts to understand their customers and themselves, better. But, how? What methods are they applying? Do mere Excel pivot tables help analyze vast pool of data? The answer to the latter question is in the negative – Excel pivot tables are not that great at analyzing data – so a wide number of companies look forward to SAS and R Programming to cull Business Intelligence.

How R Programming is Transforming Business for Good

Besides SAS, R-Programming is another open-source language that is used by most of the budding data scientists in the world of analytics. The R Programming language is more oriented towards the correct implication of data science, while ensuring business the cutting edge data analysis tools.


Using R Programming to Simulate the Incredible Pong Arcade Game – @Dexlabanalytics.

How R Programming Is Applied in Business?

As per a recent survey, a normal data miner takes help from 5 different software programs; R is being used by more than 70% of them. R programming language is a flourishing data analytics tool. Owing to its numerous commercial implementations, it has deemed to be the most effective open-source programming language that helps business analyze complicated data easily and effectively.


How To Visualize Multivariate Relationships in Large Datasets in R Programming: – @Dexlabanalytics.


The advanced R Programming language helps business peruse through entire data sets, irrespective of their length and volume. The best thing about this language is that it scales the data so that distinct and parallel processors can make use of the business information simultaneously. While using R, most of the machines lack enough memory to work on vast amounts of data – hence R Programming introduces ScaleR, which breaks the information into minor chunks for easy processing of information on numerous serves consecutively. Moreover, this language helps the programmers to perform regular checks on the data that is being processed.


ANZ uses R programming for Credit Risk Analysis – @Dexlabanalytics.

What makes R Programming so popular?

R Programming involves the intricate processes of data analysis, statistics and machine learning. Being much more than a mere statistical package, this programming language helps you create objects, perform functions and manage packages.


Making a Histogram With Basic R Programming Skills – @Dexlabanalytics.


It is platform-independent – hence compatible with any operating system. It’s also free, so any organization can implement it using purchasing a license. Similar to other applications, it can also record the performances of analysis and reproduce and modify reports, which results into brainstorming of ideas and fact-based conclusions.


How to Create Repeat Loop in R Programming – @Dexlabanalytics.


R Programming is perfect for ceaseless integration with other programming languages, like C/C++, Java, Python, and known to establish communication with various data sources, like ODBC-compliant databases (Excel, Access) and other statistical packages (SAS, Stata, SPSS, Minitab).


The Limitation of R Programming – @Dexlabanalytics.


Even more, Google is now utilizing R Programming and to a great extent it is reckoned to be a satisfactory language to perform different forms of statistics and data visualization/manipulation. Hence, out of all the improved statistical languages, R Programming is the best open source language. SAS is important, but R Programming is more important.


Why Prefer R Programming – @Dexlabanalytics.


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