How Careers in Tech is Getting Influenced Due to CryptoCurrency Revolution

How Careers in Tech is Getting Influenced Due to CryptoCurrency Revolution

Cryptocurrency is the new in-thing that is creating a lot of buzz in the tech world. And though your friends and family might be hearing all good things about Bitcoin, you will be surprised to know – it’s creating job. Yes, you heard it right – cryptocurrency is exploding the job market. From startups to blue chip companies, everyone is talking about the perks of blockchain and what it potentials it holds for future.

How Careers in Tech is Getting Influenced Due to CryptoCurrency Revolution

Job trends to follow

Going by the reports uploaded by job search site Indeed, job postings for bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency have increased by more than 620% since November 2015. In fact, the search ratios for such jobs have also increased by 1065%, suggesting supply is expanding along with demand.


Top notch companies like Uber, Capital One, GEICO, eBay and are known to have searched for the right candidates with skill sets like bitcoin or blockchain in their CVs – this reveals the widespread interest for adoption of cryptocurrency. However, it is a male-dominated job sphere, but today’s contemporary women are no more left behind. They know how to seize ANY opportunity, provided the technology is still in a nascent stage.




Types of Crypto-related jobs

A wide set of jobs are available in the budding field of data science and big data that are directly related to cryptocurrency business. From developers to data miners to architects and project managers, a broad spectrum of jobs is available in India and abroad. There are even numerous sites especially dedicated to finding blockchain technology jobs, and the numbers are quite satisfying.


The cryptocurrency analysts formulate superior investment strategies. The developers rely on cutting edge blockchain technology to implement solutions for better future prospects for their organizations. There are crypto-oriented jobs for traders, DevOps engineers, consultants, sales associates, reporters, technical product managers, and more. Several valuable internships are available too.


How to find a Crypto-currency job?

Today, evolution is the key to success. And in an excessively volatile industry like cryptocurrency, the specific duties of each role vary extensively between companies, and can even change with time. For instance, the job role of a crypto-currency consultant working for a nascent-stage startup will be entirely different from that of a large, publicly-traded company.


However, to begin, a hardcore technology professional must be passionate about the technology he or she is associated with. Whether you are a personal investor, or concerned about running your own mining rig or feeding in information about the latest trends of blockchain technology, if you really want to bag the hottest job in town you got to be thoroughly professional as well as passionate about the thing you are interested in.


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