Here’s How to Make Data More Actionable for Better Decision-making

Here’s How to Make Data More Actionable for Better Decision-making

Every customer demand needs to be fulfilled, and CEO’s expect marketing analysts to deliver them. Being a key marketing initiative, optimizing every customer experience is a significant deal to seal for marketers all around the globe.


Here’s How to Make Data More Actionable for Better Decision-making


Data, of course, plays a crucial role in marketing endeavors – but only the data that is interpretable makes sense, rendering other data useless. To turn data into actionable, organizations need to understand the accuracy of data and in the process should be successful in turning insights into action.




As a result, the organizations should seek to join the dots, establish ample communication network with the data and devise solutions to improve user or customer experience as a whole. Check out these 3 steps that marketers follow to play with data better, while turning insights into action:


Silos are the real troublemakers. They prevent enterprises from hitting their potential customers because they hinders in integrating with customer data. Recently, Harvard Business Review stated in one of its issue, silos represent “the biggest barriers to improving customer experience and best-in-class companies—those with strong financial performance and competitive customer experiences—are more likely to have broken down those silos than are other organizations.”


Irrespective of organization fundamentals, silos must be removed if that organization is looking forward to get a more holistic view of a customer’s journey. Only if data is properly organized and integrated it reveals a customer’s true buying pattern, otherwise not.


Making Data Visualizations Smarter, Tableau Explains How – @Dexlabanalytics.



After solving the integration issue, the analytics team needs to deal with another challenge of yielding new knowledge as well as ensuring that marketers and decision-makers are able to consume the data effectively. It is here that the concept of data storytelling comes into the picture – it is essential for information sharing, obtaining executive buy-in, and making recommendations to various organizational honchos for quicker processing of intricate data.


The best way to make data easy to understand is by visualizing it – data visualizations can be of any form, right from rough charts to dynamic dashboard representations.


Proper data visualization:


  • Breaks down complicated information
  • Minimizes misinterpretations of data
  • Ensures consistency in data sets


In contrary, flawed data visualizations misinterprets data is some way or the other, and it may turn out to be extremely detrimental for data evaluation and future decision-making process.


Sherlock Holmes Has Been Doing Data Visualization Before Big Data – @Dexlabanalytics.



Share data across varied levels in any organization with an efficient set of self-service processes. Though it will result into some kind of action, you can’t be sure enough that everyone would be able to make sense of the numbers. Remember, if data is unintelligible, its insights can never be perceived.


Thanks to data visualization and superb dashboarding tools, with them you can now share every solution and strategy to boost customer-user experience. Powered by the data it needs, these tools help organization leverage all their data to make better decisions. Moreover, these set of dynamic dashboards share ideas in real time too.


“Real-time data is critically important. Otherwise, business leaders may be making decisions off data that is no longer relevant. The business landscape changes so quickly, and stale data may inadvertently lead to the wrong decision,” says Suzanne Mumford, head of marketing for the Google Analytics 360 Suite.


Enhancing marketing efforts is way beyond data analytics and measurement. It is more about building insights and sharing them on platforms that everyone within the organization can understand and act upon, leaving customers happy at their best!


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