Here’s All You Need to Know about DexLab Analytics’ Market Risk Modelling Live Demo Session

Here’s All You Need to Know about DexLab Analytics’ Market Risk Modelling Live Demo Session

DexLab Analytics brings Market Risk Modelling training to India. Internet has helped people become technology-driven. Digital transformation is evident all around us. No more, gaining knowledge is a task like moving mountains – right from the confinements of your home, you can now get access to a plethora of information and knowledge, thanks to online learning. Several professionals and students are opting for e-learning method of education, owing to its flexibility and ease of access. And India is not lagging behind in this. Several online classes and sessions are being organized by premier data science learning institutes in India, and DexLab Analytics is one of them. 

Here’s All You Need to Know about DexLab Analytics’ Market Risk Modelling Live Demo Session

DexLab Analytics is here with an intensive live demo session on Market Risk Modelling Online for free. The online workshop is taking place on 25th October, 2017 from 10:00PM IST onwards, and will solely focus on how Market Risk Analytics has grown to be the new in-demand analytics course for the financial sector. Our in-house trainers will extensively explain the nitty-gritty of MRM, including its importance, major components, and why is it a must-to-have skill for the future. The interested candidates are asked to register as soon as possible by penning down a mail to DexLab Analytics, mentioning they would attend the workshop on the specified date and time.



Recently, Market Risk Analytics is turning a lot of attention to itself – several aspiring professionals and industry experts are vouching for efficient market risk management solution for better internal controls and sound policy frameworks. The need for powerful risk management solution has increased after the global financial crisis engulfed the world – risk management analytics now constitutes a separate portion in the company management structure, and it plays an integral role.


Market Risk Analytics: What It is All About – @Dexlabanalytics.


These types of intensive courses on Market Risk Analytics help to alleviate and manage risks. Excessive focus on financial market sector and the pressing need to mitigate risk-induced challenges is driving the present risk analytics market in India. Risk analytics is a very important concept – it helps companies realize the types of risk they are exposed to. They help companies identify, ascertain and handle company risk. Owing to advancement in the digital world, new developments are being introduced, which can calculate the influence of risk based on real-time basis. Get a more detailed view of what exactly is Market Risk Modelling by taking a closer look at the content of our MRM course, the topics covered in the course, the practical aspects and the level of intractability of learning mode. The better will it be to get enrolled for the free demo session today.



The intensive Market Risk certification offered by DexLab Analytics awards the aspiring professionals a perfect opportunity to brush their future potentials in risk analytics. Acquiring and honing skills on market risk is of crucial importance – and the course module of this premier institute address all the key issues related to the financial sector, such as different types of risks faced by banks, the 1990’s financial crisis, sources and scope of market risk, theoretical probability distributions, volatility forecasting and clustering models, value at Risk Modelling, quantitative models of market risk and description of key financial products. So, grab the opportunity today and enroll!


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