Go Harder, Longer, Faster, And Stronger With Impressive Corporate Training Programs

Go Harder, Longer, Faster, And Stronger With Impressive Corporate Training Programs

Let’s acknowledge, we are living in a digital world. Whether you attend a business dinner, work in the oil fields or inspect warehouse records, the claws of digital technology grips you daily. Today’s digital world revolves around communications, and Avaya is a pioneer in delivering brilliant communications experiences.

Go Harder, Longer, Faster, And Stronger With Impressive Corporate Training Programs

The expert consultants at DexLab Analytics – a top-notch big data training institute in India is conducting a three-month long training program for selected officials of Avaya at the company’s Pune branch. The consummate team of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Analytics representatives from Avaya will stay in Pune, till the session is completed.



Headquartered in Delhi, DexLab Analytics feels extremely honoured in heading such an inspiring event with an acute vision of imparting knowledge and skills to individuals. The diligent team of consultants is going to share deeper insights on subjects, like R Programming, Data Science using R, Statistical Modeling using R, Advance Microsoft Excel – VBA, Macros, Dashboards and Tableau BI & Visualization. The sole purpose of this training is to equip the team of Avaya with modern state-of-the-art data technology so as to give them a certain edge over their rival tailing companies.  


In this age of digitisation, and when Modijee is in his endeavour to make India Digital India, how can we ignore the reverberating importance of analytical skills! One of the prime advantages of great analytical skills is that you can take crucial decisions to fulfil your organization’s aims and objectives. The vast amount of real time data is at your disposal, and with them, you can easily achieve success and growth in the future.  Therefore, it is evident that the need for analytical skills is going to swell in the coming years, and DexLab Analytics is a reputable business-analytics training institute, which strongly believes in the growing significance of digitisation using data science and analytics.



In the context of the above discussion, the spokesperson from DexLab Analytics has this to say –


“DexLab Analytics with its team of seasoned corporate trainers offering valuable insights about the high-in-demand skills, like Big Data Hadoop, Business Analytics, R Programming, Machine Learning, SAS Programming, Data Science, Visualization using Tableau and Excel are seeking ways to fabricate a path towards corporate training excellence in the wide-encompassing field of Big Data and Data Analytics. Our intensive training module will help officials confer an exhaustive analysis of a newer domain of data science, which will make them more data-efficient and data-friendly.”


Recently, the expertise in big data has been recognised as a major component for achieving success in the advanced digital world and the concerned representatives are acknowledging this impressive view. So, let’s hope this take on data analytics motivates more people, paving new roads for data-centric ideas and modules in the near future.


Are you looking for intensive SAS courses in Pune? Visit DexLab Analytics and scan through a list of encompassing SAS training courses in Pune.


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