For Long-term Digital Transformation Plan, Big Data is the Key

For Long-term Digital Transformation Plan, Big Data is the Key

Big data and business analytics are like two sides of the same coin. Here, though the coin represents digital transformation – but reports from consulting and services firm HCL Technologies are pointing that many companies are not being able to harness these new-age technologies to their fullest capacities resulting in a loss of digital transformation efforts.

For Long-term Digital Transformation Plan, Big Data is the Key

When asked Anand Birje, the corporate vice president and head of HCL’s digital and analytics domain, he has this to say, “Over the past four or five years, enterprises were pushed hard to do anything in the field of analytics, big data and digital transformation. They were being pushed because there was this fear about what their competitors might be doing, so there was this feeling that they had to do something digital.”


The thing that was lacking, as per Birje was the ground-level knowledge regarding various digital projects and what kind of expectations the business projects would fulfill. While pursuing data analytics, organizations didn’t go wrong in optimizing the tools of big data, but unfortunately they forgot the actual business values they wanted to inculcate.


So, now what to do?


How to turn the hands of the clock and implement data analytics to its very essence?



Understand that digital transformation is something you can’t avoid

 It’s not about just plugging in some software and let it do the rest; the very functionality of the business needs to be changed as well as its culture. This is why the organizational structure needs to undergo a robust change with digitization – and this change will mean different for different people working within the system. Like, for employees, it may mean newer job roles, whereas for HR managers, this change would stand for providing assistance and training to those who are involved in digital transformation.

Target long-term digital transformation projects

Each company should dedicate a fixed block of time for its long-term projects. Also, define the projects that you want to accomplish – to do all this, enterprises need to work on strategizing long-range programs, and think less about individual concepts and ideologies.


Let’s Take Your Data Dreams to the Next Level

Analyze the experience your organization is giving to the end users

Does your company service add value to the end users? Is the technology you imbibed user-friendly? “Several years ago, a large telecom was trying to deploy a mobile digital application for teenage users, but the app wasn’t integrated with the company’s billing system,” said Birje. Hence, it failed to work with the end users.


Well, we saw the growth of big data in 2017, and possibly the trend is going to last a little longer. But what companies need to realize is that the hype of big data is close to an end. Now companies need to align projects coupled with veritable long term strategic plan – this will eventually help enterprises realize a tactical clarity.



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