Data analysis resources to keep you updated

Data analysis resources to keep you updated

Data analysis resources to keep you updated

One should always be proactive about building upon what they already know and have learnt, and with explosion of the web such resources can be obtained fairly easily. The problem is not the availability of resources but the abundance from it. Due to the availability of too many choices it often becomes difficult to gauge if the sources are actually authentic.


So, here is a list of books, websites and other resources which we think are authentic:

To stay on top of the latest trends and analyses reports and what’s new in the realm of analytics here are the best latest blogs:

  • FiveThirtyEight: the main man behind this blog is Nate Silver, a data whiz kid, this blog is the place to find out data analysis and visualizations of political, economic and cultural issues. The content in his blogs are usually light-hearted and interactive yet pointed with illustrative examples of data can be used in day-to-day activities.
  • Flowing Data: this is an interesting blog where Dr. Nathan Yau, PhD reveals how the data personnel – like designers, analysts, scientists and statisticians can analyze and visualize data to gather a better understanding of the world around us. It is especially fun to read as Yau offers a funny approach about the regular challenges faced by a data professional in this field. One can also find job recommendations, tutorials and other resources in this blog.
  • Simply statistics: this is another blog that is managed by expert professors each from Ivy League colleges like Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University and the Dana Ferber Cancer Institute. These professors also talk about how data is being used or misused around the world in different industries.
  • Hunch: this blog has been created by John Langford from Microsoft Research, he is the doctor of learning there and his blog talks about machine learning basics of what we know and how we use what we know. This is a good read for those who are new in the field of machine learning and do not yet know how things work in machine learning as it provides an in-depth view of new ideas and events going on in this industry.

To connect to other fellow data scientists and analysts to inquire about questions that may arise while you try the tread the treacherous roads of the data world, these are few communities of data analysts you can follow.

    1. Kaggle competitions: this is a popular community that all data scientists are likely to come across. This is a platform where one can find data prediction competitors. This is a platform where one can search for upcoming competitions in data analysis the website also features a forum where a visitor can ask any question or find a partner for the competition, share resources and ask for support to make a good career in data science.
    2. Metaoptimize: this is a question and answer community for people who are into machine learning, natural language processing, data mining and more. Badges are awarded as per votes on questions are awarded. Thus, making it becomes simpler for the visitors to discover the most popular helpful answers to the questions.
    3. Datatau: this website is best described as hacker news for data scientists and it lives up to this description to the last word. People share career advice with each other; interesting articles are shared amongst the users and then commented upon also the people here share useful information to those new to the world of data analytics.
    4. DexLab Analytics blogs: while DexLab Analytics is one of the leading data analytics training institute in Gurgaon, but they maintain regular blogs about the latest developments in the field of data science and provide India-specific as well global data related news. For students pursuing or aspiring to pursue a career in data science must follow the daily posts from this institute.

In conclusion we would like to add that while there are several resources from where one can obtain valuable information about data analysis. Thus, keeping this list as a starting point you can find several other experts out there to help you learn more about data analytics.


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