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What Is The Role Of Big Data In The Pharmaceutical Industry?

What Is The Role Of Big Data In The Pharmaceutical Industry?

Big data is currently trending in almost all sectors as now the awareness of the hidden potential of data is on the rise. The pharmaceutical industry is a warehouse of valuable data that is constantly piling up for years and which if processed could unlock information that holds the key to the next level of innovation and help the industry save a significant amount of money in the process as well. Be it making the clinical trial process more efficient or, ensuring the safety of the patients, big data holds the clue to every issue bothering the industry. The industry has a big need for professionals who have Data science using Python training, because only they can handle the massive amount of data and channelize the information to steer the industry in the right direction.

We are here taking a look at different ways data is influencing the pharmaceutical industry.

Efficient clinical-trial procedure

Clinical trial holds so much importance as the effectiveness of a drug or, a procedure on a select group of patients is tested. The process involves many stages of testing and it could be time-consuming and not to mention the high level of risk factors involved in the process. The trials often go through delays that result in money loss and there is risk involved too as side effects of a specific drug or a component can be life-threatening. However, big data can help in so many ways here, to begin with, it could help filtering patients by analyzing several factors like genetics and select the ones who are eligible for the trials. Furthermore, the patients who are participating in clinical trials could also be monitored in real-time. Even the possible side effects could also be predicted and in turn, would save lives.

Successful sales and marketing efforts

The pharmaceutical industry can see a great difference in marketing efforts if only they use data-driven insight. Analyzing the data the companies could identify the locations and physicians ideal for the promotion of their new drug. They can also identify the needs of the patients and could target their sales representative teams towards that location. This would take the guesswork out of the process and increase the chance of getting a higher ROI. The data can also help them predict market trends as well as understand customer behavior. Another factor to consider here is monitoring the market response to a particular drug and also its performance, as this would help fine-tune marketing strategies.

Collaborative efforts

With the help of data, there could be better collaboration among the different segments that directly impact the industry. The companies could suggest different drugs that could be patient-specific and the physicians could use real-time patient data to decide whether the suggestions should be implemented in the treatment plan. There could be internal and external collaborations as well to improve the overall industry functioning. Be it reaching out to researchers or, CROs, establishing a strong link can help the industry move further.

Predictive analysis

A new drug might be effective in handling a particular health issue and could revolutionize the treatment procedure but, the presence of certain compounds might prove to be fatal for certain patients and drug toxicity if not detected at an early stage could endanger a particular patient. So, using predictive analysis a patient data could be analyzed to determine the genetic factors, disease history, as well as lifestyle. The smart algorithms thereby help identify the risk factors and makes it possible to take a personalized approach regarding medication that could prove to be more effective rather than some random medication.

Big data can increase the efficiency of the pharmaceutical industry in more ways than one, but compared to other industries somehow this industry still hasn’t been able to utilize the full potential of big data, due to factors like privacy and, monetary issues. The lack of trained professionals could also prove to be a big obstacle. Sending their select professionals for Data Science training, could prove to be a big boon for them in the future.


Transformation On-The-Go: See How Financial and Manufacturing Sectors are Harnessing Big Data Hadoop

big data hadoop course


An elderly man of 50 years of age was on the treadmill, when suddenly he received an alert on his Apple Watch showing his pulse has shot up abnormally high, putting him at the risk of a possible heart attack.  Immediately he got off from the treadmill and his life was saved!

Thanks to Pontem, an incredible platform that intakes input from Apple Watch and Fitbit and issues such consequential alerts wielding machine learning, cloud-based data and cognitive processing. From the point of view of a user, these alerts are life-saver, but for the developers, it implies the latest evolution of big data technology, especially Hadoop ecosystem. Once a mere data managing tool, Hadoop is maturing and making its way to the next level.

Today, Hadoop is the lifeblood of industry-specific solutions. But adopting it for your business is no mean feat. You need to have a specific approach in sync with the particular industry type.

Financial Sector & Manufacturing

After healthcare, financial and manufacturing industry is the biggest consumer of Hadoop technology. Besides, managing, storing and analyzing data, big data coupled with AI and machine learning helps understand the intricacies of credit risk more effectively.

Of late, credit risk management has been troubling financial services companies. Though the entire banking industry has matured, the constantly evolving nature of models has been a headache for traditional credit risk models. However, the expansiveness of big data and availability in multiple formats has helped companies ace in advanced credit risk models – which was next to impossible even a few years back.

With Big Data Hadoop, a large amount of customer data is available – including online browsing activity, user spending behavior and payment options, all of which helps banks and other financial institutions frame better decisions. Commendable Hadoop’s ability to manage and manipulate unstructured data is put to use for respective functions. Over the years, Hadoop has evolved to offer sound flexibility and massive scalability to manage big data. Incorporating AI and Machine Learning, the new sophisticated models based on Hadoop clusters breaks down big data into small, easy-to-comprehend chunks, while adapting to changing, innovative data patterns. In short, the management of big data has now become comparatively an easy task – using low cost hardware, self healing, self learning and internal fault tolerance attributes. No more, you feel like stuck in a cleft stick, while handling such a massive infrastructure of big data.



For manufacturing industry, predictive analytics is the key that’s bringing in large-scale digital transformation – internet connections and sensors are providing real-time data for better operations. Sensors have the ability to detect prior anomalies in the production process, thereby preventing production of defective items and curtail subsequent waste. Often, there is a deep learning or AI connect to the analytics layers existing on the top of Hadoop data lakes that offers suave data analytics and self-learning capabilities. It’s said, around 80% of manufacturers will implement cutting edge technology in the next few years. And the numbers are just increasing.

Hadoop is not like a magic potion. It’s a robust platform on which you can harness the data power. However, to master Hadoop technology, you need to have required knowledge and expertise as per the industry standards. DexLab Analytics is a well-recognized Big Data Hadoop institute in Noida. They offer an extensive range of courses on in-demand skills, including Big Data Hadoop training in Delhi.

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For Long-term Digital Transformation Plan, Big Data is the Key

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For Long-term Digital Transformation Plan, Big Data is the Key

When asked Anand Birje, the corporate vice president and head of HCL’s digital and analytics domain, he has this to say, “Over the past four or five years, enterprises were pushed hard to do anything in the field of analytics, big data and digital transformation. They were being pushed because there was this fear about what their competitors might be doing, so there was this feeling that they had to do something digital.”

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Here’s ALL About Global Hadoop Market and Investment Report 2017

According to a market research report, Global Hadoop market – industry analysis, share, size, growth, trends and forecast, which was once estimated at a value worth USD 1.5 billion in 2012, is now expected to hit $13.95 Billion mark this year, 2017 with a CAGR of 54.9%.

Here’s ALL About Global Hadoop Market and Investment Report 2017

The advent of Hadoop platform stemmed out from the growing urge to manage problems that resulted owing to a lot of data – mostly a concoction of structured and unstructured data – that failed to fit properly in the traditional data storage and management systems, like tables. The play of analytics got intense, more complicated – both computationally and logically – hence the need for Hadoop is more than ever. This is similar to what Google was doing while it was on an endeavor to examine its user behaviors and index web pages, with a view to enhance its own performance algorithms.

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The term Big Data stands for data that is humongous. Large volumes of data are being churned out every day to meet business needs.

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Business analytics is the bedrock of an organization. It uses data for proper analysis of business objectives, later on which helps in making better decisions and future profit generation. Also, it aids in determining the actual reasons of failures, re-evaluating risk portfolios, and detecting undergoing fraudulent activities before they swell up to affect business operations.

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DexLab Analytics Organized Mock Interview and Resume Building Workshop by Industry Expert

data science

A constructive mock interview and resume building session is a game-changer. Imbibing in-demand analytic skills is tough, but gearing up to crack high-flying job interviews is tougher. And DexLab Analytics addressed that point by curating an intensive resume building workshop on 20th October 2017. The session was headed by Mr. Tanmoy Ganguli, Program Director, DexLab Analytics at the Gurgaon centre in three time slots: 2-4 PM, 4-6 PM, 6-8 PM.

What is a mock interview?

Mock interviews prepare you for the real interview challenge. They enable the candidates to gain some notion about what sort of things they are going to experience during real interviews, while helping them deal with hard times. Often, these kinds of preparatory interview workshops are organized by data science training institutes in Gurgaon that seek ways to train their students to explore the wide vistas of job opportunities across various industry domains. DexLab Analytics is one such pioneering institute that takes the initiative to cater for the needs of its aspiring students, and these kinds of resume building sessions work wonders.

Over a period of time, DexLab Analytics has garnered a lot of good reputation based on the level of training they provide. The trainers working here are industry experts possessing all the needful knowledge regarding this particular field of study, hence learning from them would be fun. Their intensive data analyst courses and workshops are prepared in tune with the latest industry trends and development taking place, hence are high-on-value.

The best part of the story here is that the intensive resume building workshop was conducted by none other than our very own honorable program director, Mr. Tanmoy Ganguli. He has been in this industry for years, and possesses incredible expertise in the domains of SAS, Credit Risk Modelling and Regression Models. Being a key influencer, the sessions presided by him are a sure not-to-miss things for students.

What people learned from this session?

Resume building and mock sessions drastically reduce the anxiety levels. They equip the candidate with the needful interview questions that might be asked in the actual one. The interviewer and the trainer who conducts such events feed the candidate with needful responses that precisely tackles a candidate’s potentials and shortcomings. No one is perfect; hence the mock interview sessions help the candidates in becoming a better person, both knowledge-wise and skill-wise.

So, if you are one of them who want to pull up your career dreams of bagging the highest-paying job in the world of analytics, DexLab Analytics would be the right place for you. Right from imparting crucial skill-based knowledge to providing needful advice regarding how to crack a job interview, the event organized by DexLab Analytics is the best way to gather extensive knowledge to nail the best job in town!

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Of late, Microsoft- the tech mogul, like Google and IBM has deciphered massive potentials in launching quantum computing to eradicate the world’s biggest problems. Researchers at IBM, Intel and others are on an amazing scientific rat race to develop a commercially viable super quantum computer. Though they exist in laboratories, bringing it into the real world is going to be an altogether different endeavor.


Here’s All You Need to Know about Quantum Computing and Its Future

Understanding the concept of the quantum computer

The concept of quantum computer is somewhat different and is not based on the use of binary logic. According to its nature, a quantum computer is a simple yes/no/both device – where a programmer doesn’t have to choose between options, he is free to make all the choices in the world and that makes all the difference in the world.

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Program Director Tanmoy Ganguli’s Research Papers Selected for Convergence 2017 at IFIM B School

We are happy to announce that our honorable Program Director, Tanmoy Ganguli’s couple of research papers titled: The Global Financial Crisis, Sensex and Stock Market Bubbles: A tale re-told and The Modelling of Allowances for Loans and Lease Losses During Stock Market Bubbles got selected for presentation at the 12th Annual Conference of IFIM Business School, Bangalore. No wonder, we the entire team at DexLab Analytics is feeling ecstatic and why not we have all the reasons in the world!!

Program Director Tanmoy Ganguli’s Research Papers Selected for Convergence 2017 at IFIM B School

Both the research papers are written and crafted by Tanmoy Ganguli, who has great expertise and fulfilling knowledge in the field of Credit Risk Modeling, SAS and Regression Models. Before setting his foot in the world of analytics, he worked as an assistant professor at a reputable college in Kolkata, hence happened to gain a lot of experience in teaching and managing students. His papers are intensely well-researched and hence got selected for presentation at Convergence 2017, which took place on 15th and 16th September 2017 at IFIM Business School, Bangalore. The theme of the event was Management 2022: Growth and Sustainability Challenges.

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