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Keep Pace with Automation: Emerging Data Science Jobs in India

Indian IT market is not yet doomed. In fact, if you look at the larger picture, you will find India is expected to face a shortage of 200000 data scientists by 2020. Where traditional IT jobs are going through a rough patch, new age jobs are surfacing up, according to market reports. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and Cybersecurity are new digital domains that are replacing the old school jobs, like data entry and server maintenance, which are expected to reduce more over the next five years.
The next decade is going to witness most vacancies in these job posts:

However, just because there is a wide array of openings for a web services consultant doesn’t make it the most lucrative job position. Big Data architect job openings are much less in number, but offer handsome pays, according to reports.

A median salary of a web services consultant is Rs 9.27 lakh ($14,461) annually

A median salary of a big data architect is Rs 20.67 lakh ($32,234) annually

Now, tell me, which is better?

As technologies evolve so drastically, it becomes an absolute imperative for the techies to update their skills through short learning programs and crash courses. Data analyst courses will help them to sync in with the latest technological developments, which happens every day, something or the other. Moreover, it’s like a constant process, where they have to learn something every year to succeed in this rat race of technological superiority. Every employee needs to make some time, as well as the companies. The companies also need to facilitate these newer technologies in their systems to keep moving ahead of their tailing rivals.

Re-skill or perish – is the new slogan going around. The urgency to re-skill is creating a spur among employees with mid-level experience. If you check the surveys, you will find around 57% of the 7000 IT professionals looking forward to enroll for a short time learning course have at least 4 to 10 years of work experience. Meanwhile, a mere 11% of those who are under 4 years of experience are looking out for such online courses. It happens because, primary-stage employees are mostly fresh graduates, who receives in-house training from their respective companies, hence they don’t feel the urge to scrounge through myriad learning resources, unlike their experienced counterparts.



Today, all big companies across sectors are focusing their attention on data science and analytics, triggering major reinventions in the job profile of a data analyst. Owing to technology updates, “The role of a data analyst is itself undergoing a sea change, primarily because better technology is available now to aid in decision-making,” said Sumit Mitra, head of group human resources and corporate services at GILAC. To draw a closure, data science is the new kid in the block, and IT professionals are imbibing related skills to shine bright in this domain. Contact DexLab Analytics for data analyst course in Delhi. They offer high-in demand data analyst certification courses at the most affordable prices.


Tracing Success in the New Age of Data Science

Each year, pronouncements are made. And each year, a particular job field rides high above the tides of fortune.
For 2017, Data Scientist jobs seem to be #1 Best Job in India. Several magazines and research associates have put Data Scientist jobs at #1 position. No wonder, data science jobs are the hottest jobs in today’s market, hopefully in future too.
So, how do you become a good data scientist? Affordable Data Science Training Course in Gurgaon is now available in India that too quite easily. DexLab Analytics is one such institute that offers state-of-the-art data science training facilities for young aspiring candidates.

Get hold of SAS skills

If you are aware of the top data science skills, you must have known that statistical analysis and data mining calls for SAS specialization. SAS plays an important role in all these disciplines. It has been the pioneer and the most reliable software suit, and for a long time enjoying the monopoly position.

However, since the advent of R and Python, the powerful open source competitors, it is true that the growth curve of SAS has been little but hampered. Nevertheless SAS skills still boast of astounding demand all over the world.

SAS training courses help you understand the nuances of data science. Nowadays, these training’s are not too difficult to find, myriad institutes offer online and classroom training for its students on a regular basis. It is no more too difficult to get a grip on the fundamentals of this subject matter.

The number speaks of positivity

It would be like mine 11th commandment – there is a shortage of data science jobs. It is being predicted that there could be a shortage of 200,000 data scientists by 2020, and this is for real. Indian market is an emerging economy, though data science may not be so famous here as it is in the US, yet I am proud to say that the importance of this field is on the rise.

The survey says – the global demand for data scientists grew by more than 50% in between 2014 and 2015, while the searches have increased by 73%.

The skills you require to possess

By analyzing a whole lot of LinkedIn job postings, we have come to a conclusion that there are 5 high-in demand skills that you need to master in order to ace in data analytics – SQL, Hadoop, Python, Java, and R. Apart from these five, you also need to be quite proficient in Data Visualization and statistics, and try to bring out your creative side to the front.

How much difficult is it to choose a data analytics course?

Make sure, you know what you want, very clearly. Prepare yourself well, before getting into any course. Experience matters, but before that you need encompassing training on the subject matter that can only be offered by a pioneering institute of data science. However, before investing money and your time, check properly if the curriculum satisfies your needs. The material needs to be crisp, to the point and in line with the current industry standards.

DexLab Analytics is a top-of-the-line data science training institute in Gurgaon, offering high-in demand courses on analytics. For any assistance, reach us.

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Google’s DeepMind: Roll the Wheels of Imagination with Advanced AI

Use intelligence to make the world a better place to live in – Google’s London-based AI coterie, DeepMind is a pioneer in artificial intelligence research programs and has churned out two distinct types of AI that uses the ‘power of imagination’ to plan ahead and fulfil tasks with a higher success rate than the previous ones that lacked imagination.


In a recent interview, DeepMind researchers shared a crisp review of “a new family of approaches for imagination-based planning.” I2As, the so-called Imagination-Augmented Agents make use of an internal ‘imagination encoder’, which helps the AI determine what are and what aren’t productive predictions about its atmosphere.

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Data Journalism: What is it and how it works

The internet has killed some newspapers’ lunch, but it also presented them something truly remarkable – Data Journalism.

Data Journalism: What is it and how it works

Introducing Data Journalism

Data journalism is an amalgamation of a nosy reporter’s news sniffing capabilities and a statistician’s fondness for data analysis. By scrounging through vast amounts of data sets that are available through extensive connectivity, data journalists are using this data to etch out interesting stories.

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Business Intelligence: Now Every Person Can Use Data to Make Better Decisions

The fascinating world of Business Intelligence is expanding. The role of data scientists is evolving. The mysticism associated with data analytics is breaking off, making a way for non-technical background people to understand and dig deeper into the nuances and metrics of data science.
Business Intelligence: Now Every Person Can Use Data to Make Better Decisions

“Data democratization is about creating an environment where every person who can use data to make better decisions, has access to the data they need when they need it,” says Amir Orad, CEO of BI software company Sisense. Data is not to be limited only in the hands of data scientists, employees throughout the organization should have easy access to data, as and when required.

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Speaking with Tanmoy Ganguli, the expert Data Analyst Bringing Cutting Edge Technology to DexLab Analytics

Speaking with Tanmoy Ganguli, the expert Data Analyst Bringing Cutting Edge Technology to DexLab Analytics


DexLab Analytics is proud to announce that Tanmoy Ganguli, a proficient Data Analyst who has a long standing experience in Credit Risk Modelling, SAS and regression models is joining our Gurgaon institute as Program Director. Here are some excerpts from an interview we conducted, where he talks about the various challenges he faced in his career and the rapid development of Data Analytics.

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Go Harder, Longer, Faster, And Stronger With Impressive Corporate Training Programs

Let’s acknowledge, we are living in a digital world. Whether you attend a business dinner, work in the oil fields or inspect warehouse records, the claws of digital technology grips you daily. Today’s digital world revolves around communications, and Avaya is a pioneer in delivering brilliant communications experiences.

Go Harder, Longer, Faster, And Stronger With Impressive Corporate Training Programs

The expert consultants at DexLab Analytics – a top-notch big data training institute in India is conducting a three-month long training program for selected officials of Avaya at the company’s Pune branch. The consummate team of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Analytics representatives from Avaya will stay in Pune, till the session is completed.



Headquartered in Delhi, DexLab Analytics feels extremely honoured in heading such an inspiring event with an acute vision of imparting knowledge and skills to individuals. The diligent team of consultants is going to share deeper insights on subjects, like R Programming, Data Science using R, Statistical Modeling using R, Advance Microsoft Excel – VBA, Macros, Dashboards and Tableau BI & Visualization. The sole purpose of this training is to equip the team of Avaya with modern state-of-the-art data technology so as to give them a certain edge over their rival tailing companies.


In this age of digitisation, and when Modijee is in his endeavour to make India Digital India, how can we ignore the reverberating importance of analytical skills! One of the prime advantages of great analytical skills is that you can take crucial decisions to fulfil your organization’s aims and objectives. The vast amount of real time data is at your disposal, and with them, you can easily achieve success and growth in the future.  Therefore, it is evident that the need for analytical skills is going to swell in the coming years, and DexLab Analytics is a reputable business-analytics training institute, which strongly believes in the growing significance of digitisation using data science and analytics.



In the context of the above discussion, the spokesperson from DexLab Analytics has this to say –


“DexLab Analytics with its team of seasoned corporate trainers offering valuable insights about the high-in-demand skills, like Big Data Hadoop, Business Analytics, R Programming, Machine Learning, SAS Programming, Data Science, Visualization using Tableau and Excel are seeking ways to fabricate a path towards corporate training excellence in the wide-encompassing field of Big Data and Data Analytics. Our intensive training module will help officials confer an exhaustive analysis of a newer domain of data science, which will make them more data-efficient and data-friendly.”


Recently, the expertise in big data has been recognised as a major component for achieving success in the advanced digital world and the concerned representatives are acknowledging this impressive view. So, let’s hope this take on data analytics motivates more people, paving new roads for data-centric ideas and modules in the near future.


Are you looking for intensive SAS courses in Pune? Visit DexLab Analytics and scan through a list of encompassing SAS training courses in Pune.


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Role of Self Service Analytics in Businesses

Role of Self Service Analytics in Businesses

Self Service Analytics is proving useful for business users, who are working on business data without necessarily having a background in technology and statistics. It is essentially bridging the gap between trained data analysts and normal business users.

Following are the characteristics of Self Service Analytics:

  1. Business Users Independence:

Self Service Analytics reduces dependency on IT and Data warehousing teams, thereby reducing the turnaround time for a request made by a business user.

It does so by continuously collating and loading real time data into a singular stream without disparity, which is easily accessible through browsers. Thus, it helps business users in taking decisions on Real-Time basis.

This feature benefits organizations because vital decisions made within time can be more profitable as compared to the traditional way of analysing data, which may not be a good idea in respect to the urgency constraint.


  1. Easier and Reduced Cost of Operations:

Often, the company’s data are fragmented and widespread across various divisions. This increases the headache of channelling the data meaningfully and in a wholesome manner.

Further to this, preparing reports using this data becomes a cumbersome job for the IT department or the department, which is serving such request. Hence, it may lead to increased cost of time or decreased quality of efficiency at which the operations have to run. However, many a times, these reports fail to give an overview of the operations in an organisation.

Self-service BI integrates data from different systems and delivers a “Single Version of Truth”. Accessing this data and running computations on it requires only a browser for access and eliminates the need to install, maintain and administer large-footprint software clients on each user’s workstation.

If Self Service Analytics is hosted on SaaS, it will further reduce the cost of machinery and maintenance associated with it. The provision for usage can be increased or decreased in no time according to the usage pattern. This really means that Self Service Analytics helps you adapt with time and Pay-Per-Use model, which is a leading trend in most of the industries.

  1. Resolving the conflict over accuracy:

Typically, a business user using Excel would have a local copy of data and run computations on it. He can merge and transform it by using various formulas and finally derive a conclusion.

This is dangerous because in live operations, data keeps changing and data integrity is at stake by working on local copies. Thus, accuracy in decision-making becomes a game of luck.

In Self Service BI, the data from the source is extracted, transformed and loaded into a unique data model, which goes with all operations. In this case, data integrity is assured. In addition, all business users have the same source of data, removing the risk that working with different local copies have.

Therefore, from the above stated facts, we can conclude that Self Service Analytics is a need for today’s businesses.

However, there are a few risks involved in Self Service Business Analytics:

  1. Loose corporate governance and make data available to business users directly may be taken advantage of in an undue manner.
  2. Business users may not be properly trained or skilled to make decisions.
  3. Relying heavily on any tool without some real life experience and insight into the background of that data can result into an impaired decision-making.

If all the above-mentioned risks are mitigated and proper corporate governance structure is in place, Self Service Analytics can be very beneficial for the success of any organization.

To excel in Self-Service Analytics, why not take up Machine Learning courses in Delhi from DexLab Analytics! They are informative, interesting and elaborate.


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A Lead to Future: Data Analytics in Pune


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