Are You a Student of Statistics?

Are You a Student of Statistics? – You must know these 3 things

Are you a student of statistics?

We a premiere statistical and data analysis training institute offering courses on Big Data Hadoop, Business intelligence and Ai. We asked our faculty to tell us the three most important things that every student of elementary statistics should know.

So, let us get on with it:

  1. The notion that statistics is about numbers, is in the context only: statistics involves a rich treasure trove of numeric and graphical representation of displaying data to quantify them also it is very important to be capable of generating graphs along with numbers. But that is not the half part of statistics and the main interesting aspect is related to making the big leap from numbers and graphs to the realistic worldly interpretations. Uncannily statistics also poses to be a fascinating philosophical tension raising the question and healthy skepticism about we believe in and what we do not.
  2. The analysis part is not the most crucial part of a statistical study, the most important part lies with the when, where and how of gathering the data. We must not forget when we enter each number or data, calculate and plot the strategies we build on our understanding, but many a times at the time of interpretation that each every graph, data or number is a product of a fallible machine, be it organic or mechanical. If we are able to take proper care at the stage of sampling and observation we will be able to obtain great dividends at the final stage of interpretation and analysis of all our statistical efforts.
  3. All statistical functions off all kinds of mathematical sciences are based on a two-way communication system. This communication system should be between the statistician and non-statistician end. The main aim of statistical analysis is to put forward important social, public and scientific questions. A good statistician knows how to communicate with the public especially with those who are by and large not statisticians. Also the public here plays an important role and must possess simple idea of statistical conclusions to grasp what the statisticians have to say to them. This is an important criterion to be incorporated in the K-12 and college curriculum for elementary statistical students.

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If you agree with our views and would like to discuss further on statistics and its application on data analysis then feel free drop by DexLab Analytics and stay updated on the latest trends in data management and mining.


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