How Big Data Training Can Help You Join These Corporate Biggies!

Advertising Technology is Being Transformed with Big Data

Big Data is elemental these days and almost everything revolves around it, be it retail sales, technological developments or even movie-making and novels. But what about the most closely sector which has relied upon analytics since its very inception, advertising? Currently the whole advertising sector is having its commandments rewritten, driven by insights gathered from Big Data analytics.


However, the prevalent notion of the business coaches and market mentors are that big data can seem to be like Latin or Hebrew to the novice or companies using it for the first time. So, for the aspiring and ambitious youth it may be a good idea to learn some intuitive analytics tools and snippets to bank on this growing big data trend and make the most of the bandwagon effect that lures in all humans when it comes to making decisions.


The best way to curb the competition especially for the ecommerce sector is to understand their standpoint in the market with the help of analytical tools and programs. An application like Google Analytics (GA) has some free analytics tools and trackers to help the average Joe and is somewhat a primer for beginners.


Still not convinced? Then see how the biggest corporate players are making the most with Big Data that helps them create higher value with better more informed decisions.

How Big Data Training Can Help You Join These Corporate Biggies!


Experiences statisticians and analysts can make the most to improve their business along with the simple tool of GA but for doing more with data one must learn a tool like SAS, R Programming or Hadoop.


Things businesses must realize:

The number of websites present across the World Wide Web are trillions who are all trying to gather the customer’s or the browser’s attention. But out of all of them only a handful of them get ample recognition to be deemed as a successful business.




The reason behind that is not everybody knows how to utilize the techniques optimally to create a buzz with web marketing. The secret to successful page ranking in the most popular search engines is by coding various variants of one website to create visibility. This is what the most important task of internet marketing actually boils down to.


The reason advertising is banking on analytics to develop their internet marketing techniques is because, unlike the other forms of marketing, these tactics are usually cheaper, faster and more effective. With the right use of these tools companies can go straight to inbox of clients instead of getting collected endlessly in the spam or junk folders of their mail inboxes. Moreover, with analytical techniques one will also be able to let their clients know how their marketing campaigns will pan out for them.


Marketing can be the most potent with analytical insights giving access to lukewarm leads and responses on the virtual market which is often hard to keep a track of. Thus, with more value addition to marketing techniques it will be possible to add better value to the company bottom line as well.


Thus, it is evident that with better understanding of the audience through analytical techniques using SAS, R programming, Apache Hadoop amongst others like the data visualization tools of Tableau with specialized techniques like logistic regression and predictive modeling; it will be possible to give the right message at the right time to create a bigger stir in the market and thus, gather more leads.


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