5 Sure-fire Ways to Develop a Customized Web Analytics Dashboard in Tableau

5 Sure-fire Ways to Develop a Powerful Customized Web Analytics Dashboard in Tableau [VIDEO]

Let’s kickstart creating a custom web analytics dashboard!

5 Sure-fire Ways to Develop a Powerful Customized Web Analytics Dashboard in Tableau [VIDEO]

This blogpost consists of all the resources you will need to build your own web analytics dashboard – some of the resources we have used ourselves and some we have culled down from the web.


Though we are pretty experienced in our respective fields of work, for this particular blog we had to garner a lot of knowledge that we don’t possess. Right from database development to evaluating Google Analytics, we had to scrounge through numerous chronicled works from a wide variety of sources to present it all in a whole.




Check out this resource guide on custom web analytics dashboard to know how to build an interactive dashboard:

First Decide, what kind of data you need to project on your web analytics dashboard?

For that, your company size matters. It determines the manner of data projection in most cases.


For example, large companies look up to reliable data warehouses, like Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery. For Google users, Google Analytics 360 is breaking all records! It is as simple as making a toss.


But as long as you are using Tableau, the manner in which you pull the data out of your tool and fit it into the database hardly matters!


Let’s Take Your Data Dreams to the Next Level

Gaining access to the data in your web analytics

The best thing here is that you can access data anywhere you want. The procedure is simple and on-point, but dragging the data of your tables involves some effort.


For that, we would recommend Google BigQuery. Hook yourself into a big book of BigQuery to get off to the races faster. Master the definitions of each data point so that you get to measure what you think you ought to measure.


Or else excel on Python or R – with DexLab Analytics. Their Machine Learning Using Python courses involve a complex set of legwork.


Shape data and fire up calculations on web analytics dashboards

Joining and shaping data and doing intense calculations are imperatives – use Alteryx to build a strong, high-performing database and performant queries. You can even use to design custom metrics and scoring models – though you can do all this in BigQuery too, Alteryx is preferred because it performs the same tasks without codes.

Track core metrics in web analytics dashboard

For data cleaning and ensuring that you keep your queries optimized, tracking of core metrics is indispensible. As well as important – ask the specialists to track the website metrics because any time company VPs or CEO/CMOs may ask you to present KPI’s. So, plan for them from now on. Start asking questions right now.


A superior web analytics dashboard must anticipate these questions and frame suitable answers in a single click.

To communicate through data, choose DexLab Analytics

Leverage Tableau’s notable features with DexLab Analytics’ Tableau certification. Gain a lot more for your metrics that just some numbers. Their intensive Tableau training courses and demo sessions will help you master the skills that will eventually aid you in constructing meaningful, effective data vizzes for corporate organizations. 


View Tableau demo session videos

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